Felicity and David

We had just gone outside to take pictures after the graduation ceremony had ended and we were all still excited that I made it through high school. We got pictures with all of my grandparents,my parents, his parents ( soon to be in-laws!) and a few of the teachers that had help me throughout my high school career. My mom wanted a few pictures of myself and David yet so we took them then she asked if there was anything else anybody wanted before we left. Nobody said anything at first but then David said “I actually bought Felicity a present.” I thinking “Where is it?” because there was no box or bag. He preceded to get on one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket. He then said ” I know back on our 6 month anniversary that you said it was all up to me when I decided to ask and you’d still say yes, but I told you it would be a while. Well I realized not long ago I didn’t want to wait any longer to officially make you my own. So now I ask, Miss Felicity Rachelle Beachel, will you love me forever and show it by agreeing to be my wife?” They were all shocked but me most of all, I stood shaking for so long his mother and mine said simultaneously “Well are you gonna let the poor boy sit there and grow moss?” I finally got out a “Yes” and hugged him, accidentally sending my diploma flying around his head. I shook for half an hour after that and am now happily planning.

Felicity's Proposal in Highschool Graduation