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how they asked

It was the morning of my twin sisters wedding, we got ready in the morning and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. I was emotional throughout the whole day! I had a short thought of my boyfriend proposing today but quickly pushed it aside because today was not about me! We came to the reception and the dance started – when we finally got to the bouquet toss that’s when things happened. I didn’ even want to go up because I wasn’ single and figured I’d let me girlfriends get a go for it. Brandon had been pacing all night and I didn’ even notice how nervous he actually was!

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I think it was my mom who convinced me to go up with the girls to catch the bouquet as “I wanna dance with somebody ” by Whitney Houston was playing, my sister was getting ready to throw the flowers, then she suddenly turned around and walked towards me. Confused and surprised I figured she was just playing favorites with me as her twin but she told me, “now it’s your turn.” Turned me around to Brandon behind me on his knees proposing.

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Needless to say, everyone was screaming and losing it so I couldn’ really hear all he said to me. I did hear “will you marry me” And with tears just falling off my face o said yes and the crowd surrounded us with love! It was the most perfect moment of my life and I’m so thankful as to how they asked me, We have it on video and have amazing photos from that moment.

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Special Thanks

Sapphira Epp
 | She planned that night to propose with my husband
Britton Ledingham
 | Photographer