Felicia and Tj

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How We Met

Tj and I went to the same high school together; he was a year ahead of me. We had an Algebra class together but we didn’t even talk to each other until a year after that. A mutual friend told me she knew a guy who was funny, cute, and single but way too shy to talk to me himself. We added each other on Facebook and stayed up all night chatting back and forth until I had the guts to ask him for his number. From there, we were sneaking texts to each other during school, walking each other to class, and talking on the phone from the minute we got off of the school bus in the afternoon to the minute my parents yelled at me to get off the phone and go to bed! In college, we moved in together and have been attached at the hip since. We’ve been together nearly 6 years and it feels like we’ve both grown so much.

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how they asked

Tj bought my ring in May. He showed the ring to his Mom and they decided it wasn’t my style. He returned that ring and bought my current ring which arrived in June. It’s definitely my style! In August, we planned to go to the Bahamas for my Mom’s birthday. Tj knew this was the perfect time to propose because my family would be there. He asked my Dad for my hand in marriage and from there, the secret plans were in motion. I always told Tj that I wanted our engagement to be secretly photographed so my mom planned a family photoshoot with the resort’s photographer. The whole photoshoot took about an hour and I didn’t suspect a thing the entire time. The last few minutes of the shoot, Tj starts directing, telling me where to stand and how to pose and I started sassing him like “You’re not the photographer! Why are you telling me where to stand?” That’s when he got down on one knee and proposed.

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I’ve never cried so much in my life. He could barely finish his sentence before I blubbered “YES”!

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