Felicia and Matt

How We Met

I had just finished this horrible relationship and I decided that I wanted to just go out and meet as many people as I could. I joined an online dating website and Matt messaged me. He said he had a question for me, and neither of us remember the question! I do remember him asking me if I have the three S’s. We just got along from the get go. We would text back and forth, play games, FaceTime, Etc before we officially met! Then we decided to meet up on April 16th, (on Easter) just to hang out. I never wanted to meet someone so much. He showed up at my doorstep and the rest is history!

how they asked

I am originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and it was the weekend of my best friend’s 30th birthday party. We had gone up on Saturday after I got out of work to go and celebrate her birthday. We stayed the night at her and her husband’s house. The plan was to go to this park in Fort Wayne that I have been wanting to show him. I wanted to take him to see this bridge that felt magical to me. But when we woke up on Sunday morning it was storming SO BADLY. So I guess the park was out. We still had a plan to go to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants though.

Anyways, we woke up and I start getting ready. I told Matt that I was only going to do some make up. (I am SO HAPPY I DID A FULL FACE OF MAKE UP) My best friend came into the room and we talked a bit and then Matt goes “Paula, do you have any coffee?” and they went into the kitchen. Here I am sitting on the floor doing my make up. I finally finish my make up and I go out to the living room and there is a random blue balloon tied to the coffee table. I think nothing of it. Again, we just celebrated a birthday. That balloon must have floated to the coffee table. (I didn’t know it was tied to it at the time.) Matt looks at the balloon and says “Man I want to pop that balloon.”

I looked at him and told him “Nah, let’s not.” We went back and forth a couple of times before my friend stepped in and was like “Felicia, you should pop that balloon.”

I laughed and went into her kitchen and got the first knife I could find. A butchers knife. I looked at Paula and told her to record it because I was positive I was going to fail epically. I just thought that it would be funny.

I go and stab the balloon, and as it popped, artificial rose petals came out and so did a note. As I picked up the note and read it, Matt got down to one knee. The note said “You have given me so much, now it’s my turn to give you your when.”

I exclaimed “Are you fucking kidding me?” (I really wish I had more composure!) He then asked me to marry him, and I excited exclaimed “Yes!” When he tried to put the ring on my finger he had my right hand and I loudly said “Wrong hand dear!”

It was such a quick moment but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. I love my new fiancé and my new ring so much!