Felicia and Kevin

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How We Met

“A guy walks into a bar…” It all started when Kevin walked in when I was bartending in downtown Harrisburg. He came in with a few of his friends, and immediately I noticed him. After a few drink orders with mixed signals, I remember turning to Jesse, the bartender I was working with, and laughingly asked “Do you think he’s gay?” We spent the rest of the time each talking to Kevin to see who he seemed more interested in. After the rounds, Kev gets up and leaves, Jesse turns to me and says, “Oh yeah, absolutely.” Later that night I look up to see Kevin, alone, walking through the bar again, and he sits at the end of my bar. After we began talking, it was clear God intended for us to meet that night. It was my last night bartending and Kevin’s first time going out since he just moved to the area. He sat at the end of my bar for hours. It didn’t matter what I was doing or who had my attention, when I looked at Kev, he was already looking at me. After another pep talk by Jesse, I got the courage to shoot my shot. If there was anything I learned through our short conversations, it was that I had to talk food/dogs and pretend to care about golf. I told him that I had friends in Nashville that could get him on this elite golf course, so I write the name of the golf course and MY phone number on a napkin. He looks at it, thinks it is the number of the course, and puts it in his pocket (go figure). During our talk, I suggested the best taco place that is open until 4am and he suggested we go eat after my shift. Somehow 12 turned to 2am, turned to 6am, and there we were watching the sunrise over the river. I spent that entire “first date” talking and laughing with a stranger who somehow felt like a best friend. Today, that napkin that I wrote on is framed and hanging in our home (Kevin gave it to me the first time he told me he loved me). Today, we are planning our wedding, and it doesn’t feel real sometimes. Today, when someone asks, “When did you know?” I simply say “I always knew.”

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How They Asked

You know that expression, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride?” Well I am always the maid of honor/bartender/coordinator, never the bride lol. Weddings have always been a passion of mine, and all of my jobs have somehow led me back to the industry. This leads me to today, I work at a wedding venue in Pennsylvania as a day-of coordinator. I have watched, supported, cried with, and love thousands of couples on their big day and along the way, I have met some amazing vendors.

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I got a call from one of our photographers (who is my dream wedding photographer btw) who asked if I would fill in for a staged photoshoot at our venue. It just so happened to be for a friend of mine who does event coordinating and rentals. Of course, I said yes! The day was such a disaster, I ended up going to get my makeup done because I figured, why not, and it. Was. Terrible. I ran home to try and fix it and was so frustrated running out of the house, late to this photoshoot.

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I pull up to the venue and there is not a car other than Gillian’s jeep in the parking lot. She greeted me as soon as I got there, and we started walking into the garden house at the venue. I’m asking questions, wondering where everyone is, and Gillian, without hesitation, is answering. When we get to the front of the greenhouse, I hear “Can’t Help Falling in Love” playing (which I have always said I would walk down the aisle to since we watched Crazy Rich Asians), I turn the corner to see Vince (the photographer), Gillian and her mom all standing there around this beautiful setup.

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Candles, flowers, a rug, string lights above, it was breathtaking. Then I see Kevin walk out. It took me a second to register what was going on before I blurted out, “Wait-is this for me?” and dropped my phone/keys on the floor and started crying. After I walked over to him, he got down on one knee and asked the question! I put the ring on and immediately blurted out, “Are you fu*king serious?!” and everyone started laughing. It was a dream, Vince took us around for engagement pictures right after!

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Special Thanks

Vince Ha
 | Photographer
 | Planning