Felicia and Joseph


How we met

We had known of each other through mutual friends but didn’t truly meet until our first date, which also happened to be on Joe’s birthday. That all sounds great, right? Except for the part where I mention that 7 months earlier, Joe moved to North Carolina.

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Yes, I agreed to go on a date with him knowing full well that he lived 600 miles away and was only in New York for a few days visiting family.


Fast forward to over a year of constant flights and sneaking away to see one another any time we had a chance, and I decided to move down to North Carolina to be with him.



That’s where the proposal happened.


how they asked

I usually get home from work at 4pm. Joe works very inconsistent hours – he can get home anywhere from 7pm to 2am. So it was naturally a shock when I walked in at 4:00 (crying from a truly horrific day at work) and heard Buddy barking like crazy. I walk in, nearly panicked and saw Joe standing in our living room with his back to me. He swung around towards me looking kind of confused, like a deer in headlights and started backing up.

He was ready to ask me to marry him, but he needed to back up so I could see the scene he had set. Rose petals from the front door all the way to our fireplace. But, since this was the one day I couldn’t find my key, I came in through the GARAGE DOOR.

Yep, I completely ruined his surprise. I mean, we wouldn’t be us, if things worked out as planned. At this point, I no longer know what I am crying about. So there’s Joe down on one knee, with rose petals behind him, popping the question when Buddy the Beast decides enough is enough and he has been waiting too long to eat.


He starts rummaging through the petals and running circles around the coffee table, begging us to chase him. Joe places the ring on the wrong hand, as I mutter the word “yes”. Perfectly-imperfect, my crazy puppy, my confused fiancé, my beautiful ring on the wrong hand, and half chewed rose petals.


It couldn’t have played out any better even if I had walked through that front door.


To top it off, Joe surprised me with two first-class tickets back to NY so we could celebrate with our families.Fortunately for Joe, one of his surprises played out as planned- well almost, the flight was delayed!