Felicia and Jerry

How We Met

We met in college back in 2009. Jerry was doing his master’s degree and I was doing my bachelor’s degree. It was back in pensacola, Fl. He asked me to be his gf in 2010 and we started our long distance relationship. For 6 years we were apart. Meeting 2-3 times a year.

how they asked

According to our custom, Jerry had to “propose” to my family first and he did that in january. But that didn’t stop him for doing this extremely sweet deed even after knowing that we’ll be getting married anyway. Our wedding is seriously costing about a limb and a half but that also didnt stop him from buying an AMAZING Ring. One of his friend’s asked him why he did it when he knew that we were already getting married anyway and he said that “I wanted to make her feel special” ❤️ So it was my wedding shower and Jerry flew to jakarta for the week for some wedding prep. After we arrive at the hotel, me and the girls went to fix my “makeup emergency” in the bathroom. When we left and walked back into the restaurant, there he was. Standing with a bouquet of my favorite flowers baby’s breath, with my friends all behind him holding a huge banner with the question “will u marry me, pei?” I could tell that he was nervous as his hands were extremely shaky. Thanks love for doing what you do! It definitely made me feel special.