Felicia and David

How We Met

Our love story begins on May 17, 2007 in Alpine, TX where we first met. We both were attending a church retreat when we were both sophomores in high school. David said as soon as we picked him up on the way to the retreat and he got in the van he instantly thought “wow she’s out of my league and she’s not even going to talk to me.” Little did he know, I was instantly blown away by how handsome he was and I just knew that I had to talk to him.

Next thing you know once we were on the road, I turned around in my seat and grabbed David’s iPod and asked what he was listening too. He turned so red and couldn’t utter any response so I just grabbed the headphone and put it in my ear lol. Next thing you know, we were talking music all the way to Alpine, TX. Coming home from the retreat we began to fall in love, or what 15 year olds believed love was, little did we know, it was the real thing! Here we are almost ten years later preparing to get married and be together forever!

how they asked

(The proposal portion of the slideshow begins at 10:45). Ultimately we went on our week long trip to Disney World to celebrate my college graduation so I had no idea he had any intention of popping the question. It started on Wednesday morning, the day we were going to visit the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Once we got into the park, he took me into a shop and purchased a tiara so I could make my graduation celebration pictures more special! We then had a photographer from the park take our pictures. While the pictures were being taken as he was giving me the crown, he had me put the crown on…but with the wind blowing my hair in my face, I had to turn around.

Image 1 of Felicia and David

Once I turned back around, he was holding my ring and began to tell me how much loves me and how he wanted to make all my dreams come true, he then got on his knee and said “Felicia Nicole Hernandez, will you spend forever making me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife? Will you marry me?” and of course, I SAID YES!

Image 2 of Felicia and David

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