Felicia and Daniel

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How We Met

Dan and I have know each other since we were teenagers. We actually met through my first boyfriend as they have been friends since they were kids (oops!) I thought he was so immature and wanted no part of hanging out with him at any point. Fast forward 8 years, I saw Dan at a mutual friends party and he cozied up right next to me on the couch as soon as I got there. He told me that I had the wrong impression of him when we were kids and he would love to take me out to dinner if I were ever single. I told him I probably wouldn’t take him up on that but it was nice to be civil. A year or so passed and I had just gotten out of a relationship and was ready to celebrate my birthday with my girlfriends.

I had gotten everyone together when a mutual friend texted me and said he was going to meet me for my birthday for a drink. He also had to add in that he was with Dan and that he was excited to see me. I had to admire his persistence! That night I told him he wasn’t boyfriend material (brutal I know!) but I agreed to give him a chance and we made plans to go out on our first date. After that first date I realized I had never judged anyone so wrong in my life. He was the kindest, sweetest, loyal, trusting and fun person I had ever met. I quickly fell in love and realized that he was the answer to all my prayers. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

For the past two years, I have asked Dan to take me to an event near our town called bright nights. It has the most ornate Christmas lights set up throughout a park and people drive through while listening to their Christmas music of course. Each time I asked Dan if we could go, he said that we would go but we always missed it. This year he was very adamant about going despite me feeling tired and wanting to stay home. With much persuading, I grabbed my hot chocolate and headed out the door. I had no idea my closest friends and family were waiting for me to leave so they could set up my beautiful proposal. We walked through the park and as I saw a board lit up with lights that said Marry me, I thought OMG it’s happening! I quickly realized it was not for me and we made our way through the park.

We made our way home and Dan made a comment about these new lights his mother had put up in front of the house. When we got out of the car I was fixated on the new lights and didn’t realize the beautiful scene my family, Dan’s family and my friends had created. The walkway was paved with rose petals and candles and these beautiful lights were actually for me!

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I looked to the right and saw a big tree with pictures of us as ornaments. It was so sweet. In that moment I realized that Christmas came early and I was getting to start my always tonight!

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