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Every Christmas Ben flies down to West Palm Beach, where Felicia spends her Christmas with her family. He usually flies down two days after Christmas. This year, just like all of the others, he flew down the morning of December 27th. They had a beautiful day on the beach playing KanJam and drinking “Karen Specials”. Later that evening, Felicia’s sister, Ali, wanted to take pictures on the beach at sunset for her blog. (For those of you who don’t know, Felicia’s sister is a famous blogger (Inspiralized) so this wasn’t unordinary for her.) Everyone showered up and Ali and her husband, Lu, went to grab champagne for the picture. When they got back, Felicia, Ben, Ali, Lu, and Felicia’s parents (Karen and David), all walked to the beach together for the picture. Funny enough, Felicia jokingly said, “What a romantic night for a proposal,” and patted Ben’s pants down. While Felicia was innocently giggling, the rest of the family started breaking out into a nervous sweat, thinking Felicia was on to them. Good thing Ali had the ring in her dress, soon to be passed off to Ben. Once everyone stepped on the beach, they flicked off their sandals.

Felicia quickly noticed a heart made up of rose pedals on the beach and made a comment about how romantic it was and continued walking towards the water, because it couldn’t possibly be for her. (She assumed they were getting engaged in May 2017, because they had planned a trip to Positano, Italy.) As Felicia continues, Ben puts his hands on Felicia’s hips and starts steering her left towards the heart and whispers to her, “Get in the heart.” Felicia quickly turned around to see that all of her family had stopped walking and stood back to watch. Once Felicia got in the heart, Ben told her his reasons for wanting to marry her, how much he loved her, and got down on one knee to unveil this unbelievably gorgeous dream ring in this little black box. Of course Felicia said, “YES!” and engulfed Ben in her arms.

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They kissed and hugged, and all of the family cheered. When he turned around to put the ring on her finger, it was GONE! It had fallen out of the ring box, and was eaten up by the sand. Felicia, in shock because she was engaged and not because the ring was gone, laughed back to her family, “He dropped it!”.

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Felicia’s Dad quickly ran to the scene and told the newly engaged couple, “Don’t f***ing move!” Ben and Felicia stood planted in the sand, Ali snapping pictures, Felicia’s brother-in-law filming the entire scenario, and Felicia’s Mom in utter disbelief. Within three minutes, Felicia’s Dad found the ring and Ben and Felicia embraced again. It wasn’t until a few minutes later when Felicia’s Mom screamed to her Dad, “Put the ring on her finger!!!”

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Good thing Ben got insurance. They spent the rest of the night celebrating. Ben surprised Felicia by having his parents there for the engagement, who had been hiding out the entire time.

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He made reservations at Felicia’s favorite restaurant in Palm Beach called Renato’s and he surprised her with a hotel room for the night just for the two of them. Needless to say, they are very excited to be spending the rest of their lives together and celebrating with their loved ones in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. on February 26th, 2018. Hope he doesn’t drop the ring again. :)

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