Federico and Mariateresa

How We Met

I’m Federico, and she’s my girlfriend Mary. We met a long time ago when I was only 15 and she was 18, we were both in love with the musical drama and we met, the first time, on stage for a play with different scenes but we met behind the scene. We weren’t in love just with the drama and theatre’s play but also with our respective partner so we just remain friends. When the play came to end our paths went apart, and for years we didn’t see each other. After 3 years since our last rendezvous, we met again casually on a train and we start to talk together but this time both of us were single. From that day we start to go out together, and we discovered that not just the theatre was our common passion, but the travels too!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disneyland Paris

And we began to travel together around Europe (Paris, Tenerife, Barcellona, Florence, Rome, Turin, Milan etc..).

Proposal Ideas Disneyland Paris

Our first holiday together was in Paris, it was amazing! The Tour Eiffel, the museum such as Louvre and Orsay, Montmartre and the Sacreè Coeur…everything was really romantic. But we had also spent a few days in Disneyland Paris because another common passion it’s the Disney!

Federico's Proposal in Disneyland Paris

Where to Propose in Disneyland Paris

So after 5 years of engagement, full of love and wonderful moments spent together I finally decided to propose to her, but the most important question was: Where?

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disneyland Paris

How They Asked

The answer came immediately to me…Paris! Paris is the city of love, and so the most romantic scenery in the world but also the least original one! Everyone can ask her girlfriend to become his wife in front of Eiffel tower, and it’s not so original after all.

So, the final destination was Paris (also because it was our first holiday destination together) but where exactly? Where I can do somenthing important like this but not in a “normal romantic place”…the surprise effect is all! So I decided to went in the most romantic place not for all, but important for us: Disneyland Paris!

When I decided where and in which place the proposal will take place, the other main factor was in which way I can do the proposal ? I wanted somenthing important and personal for us, so I chosed a magic trick because I’m a magician and that factor is important in our love story (we also act together in one of my magic show, she’s a good singer too and not just an actress). I chosed a magic’s ligth trick, it was a “magic white rose” that turn magically in a red colour ligth just with a snap; after this magic trick I will do the wedding proposal its self. Ok but where exactly in Disneyland? It wasn’t easy at all decided where to do it, but the most magically and romantic place in the park is for sure: the Castle.

The castle was the place, but the problem was How can arrive in front of the castle before the ending litgh/fireworks show? Too much people to be the first ones in front of the castle, so I wrote directly to the Disneyland’s office (special activites members) for ask theirs help…and the helped me a lot! They reserved a very special front area in front of the castle for that special occasion, all the plan was ready!

Few days before our departure, during dinner I said to my girlfriend that we will going away for our anniversary, but the destination was a surprise… but few minutes after my Dad arrive at home and ask to my girlfriend, Mary, If she was happy for the next trip at Paris! So the surprise was not very ‘surprising’ for my dad’s fault! Not problem, infact she didn’t know about Disneyland but just about Paris.

The 8th of november we departure from Milano to Paris, and when we arrived we went to an hotel near the city-center (and I pretend with Mary that was our hotel, but we only leave our luggages). From there we take the subway and we visit several places like: Notre Dame, Montmatre, Sacreè Coeur, Moulin Rouge and the museum D’Orsay. All that places in just one day, and when we arrived at evening at our hotel Mary she wants only to have a shower, but there she discovered that the hotel was in overbooking (just another surprise!). So, very tired we took the subway and then the train from the city center to Val d’ Europe (near Disneyland, where our hotel was).

After an half hour trip by train we finnaly arrive, and just there she discovered the final destination with a magic trick. In a second a showed to her my black t-shirt and then I turned and showed my back, than I return in front of her but the black t-shirt changed in a white t-shirt with mickey mouse on it, and then I revaled to her our two tickets for Disneyland!

The 9th November we stay at the Disney Studios and then after a full amazing day, we came back in hotel, ready for the next day (the greatest one of our life) at Disneyland park.

So the 10th November (our anniversary day) we started early in the morning and after a very good french breakfast in a typical boulangerie; when we arrived at the park I pretend to had win a internet competition and so we will had a very special “seats” in a reserved front area of the Castle for the ending show. Thanks to this excuse a was able to went in the City Hall to take the “special ticket” but I just bring to one Disney cast member the ring for the proposal, at the same time I showed to the girl (Jolie) the magic rose for the trick, in this way the cast members staff could understand the correct moment to came with the ring. All was ready!

After a full day, we decided to came back to the Hotel to had a shower and then go to the Show, in this way I take the excuse to say to my girlfriend that we were in a very special area so I take out from the luggage the magic rose and I explained to her what I wanted to do with her and the rose, to use it for my magic show as promotional video! She understood and said yes (just for the magic tricks…for now).

We arrived at the city hall at Disneyland where a private guide showed us our reserved area in front of Castle. Once arrived was emotional saw the castle with all the lights and color. Five minutes before the show I asked to a person to take a video of us, and after a very special magic trick (you need to see it the video to understand!), the Disney cast member arrived with a red pillow with the ring on it, my girlfriend start cried and I done the wedding proposal with a very big applause, my girl finally she said YES!

Federico and Mariateresa's Engagement in Disneyland Paris

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