Faye Erika and Brett

Engagement Proposal Ideas in fiance's brother's in-laws' shore house in Seaside, NJ

How We Met

So, I’m a nurse and he teaches all sorts of martial arts including jiu jitsu. I met him at the hospital while I took care of him and his injuries including a broken arm (from an arm bar that wrong). He was in pain, miserable and wondering if he can ever go back to teaching and training what he loved the most- the martial arts. I nurse him back to health. Day of his discharge, I write my number on his arm cast before I sending him off in a wheelchair. Pretty romantic right? Yes, I’m a nurse and he’s a marital arts instructions… but we didn’t meet in a hospital. we met in POF “plenty of fish” dating app. We orchestrated so many stories at first to hide the truth including this one but at the end of the day we thank POF for bringing us together. 3 years down and were finally about to get married! NO REGRETS

how they asked

WHO SLAPS THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER WHEN THEY GET ON ONE KNEE AND ASKS YOU THAT MAGICAL QUESTION? MEEEEE! I knew it was coming sooner than later but being caught off guard is even un understatement of how I felt when he proposed. We just bought a house and closed three days prior to the proposal. I knew it was coming soon because it’s something we talk about for the near future. I told him in the past that if he ever proposed, I wanted it to be intimate and to be just him and I.. because quite frankly I know I wouldn’t be able to react as genuine and as natural if other people were there and all eyes were on us. So one weekend he wanted to take me to his brother’s wife’s parents’ shore house. We would play with his brother’s three kids, we would have wine by the pool, get some sun and generally have a nice time with the family.

I kid around that morning and asked him if I should get my nails done (but i didn’t because i was 101% sure nothing was gonna happen that day, he was so good tricking me this whole time) We get to the shore house, play with the kids, my fiance goes in the pool with them while I sip a nice cold cocktail drink and chit chat with everyone. My sister then comes over and brings our two cousins who are visiting from Boston (i still didn’t think any of it at all). I was super happy because this was the first time my fiance’s brother and his family will meet my sister and on top of that, my cousins as well. After I finished my second drink (it was on the strong side and was made by his brother who also had no idea I was getting proposed to minutes later) my fiance had already downed 5 beers (because he was nervous and was about to do the proposal!! lol).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in fiance's brother's in-laws' shore house in Seaside, NJ

His sister-in-law and her husband brings the three kids in the front porch and then calls us over to join them for “photos” I’m already feeling nice and buzzed at this time. We sat on the chair scrambling which kid will sit on whose lap. Then finally we got ourselves organized. My fiance’s sis in law asks her daughter Hailey who’s sitting on my lap “Hailey, why don’t you tell Erika what you were telling Mommy before!” I go “What is it?” and then she looks at me with her sweet face and asks “When are you ever gonna be my aunt?”

I laughed it and said “If someone got that on video!!” not even noticing my fiance responded “Your aunt? hopefully after today!” as he gets on one knee with the ring in his hands. Then I looked at him while he’s on his knees for about 5 seconds not saying a word. I couldn’t process everything at all.

He then asks me loud and clear “So, will you marry me?” and that’s when the SLAP BECAME THE NEW YESSS!! i yelled at him “I didn’t even get my nails done” but truthfully i was in shock, nervous, awkward and BUZZED lol. i was looking for something to say out of nervousness) after that i sit on the ground instead of standing up (again because i cant react properly in public specially with intimate moments like this one) he asks me to stand up and give him an answer instead of a slap.

Faye Erika's Proposal in fiance's brother's in-laws' shore house in Seaside, NJ

i finally say YES OF COURSE! that whole thing sobered me up quickly and realized I’ve just slapped my fiance in the face! I’ve always pictured myself crying on the day of my engagement and being emotional but this happened instead.

I don’t regret a thing because I love him and we’re getting married and our engagement was one for the books! One day I can show my kids, “So this is how mommy said yes to daddy and we lived SLAPPILY EVERY AFTER!” #slappilyeverafter #slapisthenewyes #slappyengagement PS- check out that little 2 year old girl in between me and Brett and her reaction as I slap her uncle in the face! priceless!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in fiance's brother's in-laws' shore house in Seaside, NJ

Faye Erika and Brett's Engagement in fiance's brother's in-laws' shore house in Seaside, NJ

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