Faye and Casey

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How We Met

Casey and I met in San Diego, where we were both living at the time. I can remember the first date like it was yesterday. It was both our first dates in a long time since we had gotten out of long relationships not too long prior, so I was nervous and I could tell he was nervous at first as well. It was a simple night of dinner and drinks. Our conversation flowed all night like we had known each other for years. We laughed, told stories and it was a night I wish didn’t have to end. Apparently he didn’t want it to end either because when the date was over, (we both had work early the next morning so we called it quits by 10pm) he called his friend raving about me. I still hear of that phone call every time we see his friend! From that day, we’ve literally been inseparable. He’s my best friend.

how they asked

Casey and I love adventures, traveling and trying out new things together. During the holidays we had some time off of work so we decided to do a road trip from Scottsdale to Zion national park and stop in places in between. We toured some wineries in cottonwood, stopped and played in the snow in Sedona, stopped at horseshoe bend, toured antelope canyon and finally made it to zion.

One of our goals in Zion was to hike angels landing. It had snowed 2 days prior to our arrival so by the time we were able to hike angels landing, a lot of it had iced over (melted and refroze). We definitely were not prepared. We didn’t bring cleats so we hiked in normal sneakers. I almost slipped and fell many times over and casey of course was there to save me. Before you get to the top, there are a set of super narrow rocks you can climb with the aid of chains stuck to the ground. Unfortunately, We both decided we would pass since we were already super unprepared. Also, we didn’t want to die slipping off narrow rocks.

We hiked around where we could for another couple hours. By then I was over and ready to go home. We’d been hiking for 5 hours on ice slipping every other 5 mins! Not as fun as the hike was intended to be. Casey convinced me to take one last photograph off a secluded cliff side. As he was setting up his camera and taking test shots, you could see how ready I was to get off that mountain! He finished setting up and walked over giggling. He knew I wasn’t too happy with the hike but it’d be worth it and I was about to find out why! He opened the box and I immediately broke down in tears. He giggled as he told me how much he loved me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I said yes to my best friend, my love and my adventure buddy.

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