Faye and Adam

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How We Met

Can meeting over a phone app meeting ever be a fairy-tale? A modern day one maybe and I would like to think that’s the case! In January 2015 Adam and I matched on the app Happn since we regularly passed each other in the same part of London. Later we would come to realise that we crossed paths at many times in our lives, working in buildings next to each other, taking a similar route over the same months on a 6 month travelling trip and skiing in the same place the same week, I feel like we were destined to meet, we just needed a little help to do it!

Our first date was at a wine bar by London Bridge, I remember him stepping out from the pavement to see me when I arrived and I thought to myself this is going to a be good date, he is really hot! The rest is history, 3 bottles of wine and some tipsy goodbye kisses later we were both sold, and not just because of the wine… The last few years since then have been amazing, making lots of memories together, I feel I have found a true best friend.

how they asked

We both love to holiday and to travel and were on a small little island in the Philippines called Pangulasian Island when he popped the question. When we were planning our travel I fell in love with this paradise place from looking at the photos online and he booked it as a surprise part of the trip. I should maybe have twigged then but I did not have getting engaged on my mind since he had suggested it wouldn’t be this year to distract me, plus not to flatter him but he is often doing lovely gestures like that. I have never heard from my parents on holiday as much as on that trip asking if we were having a good time amongst other things, unbeknown to me clearly they couldn’t contain their excitement since Adam had asked them about the proposal a few weeks before and they were wondering if it would happen each day.

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The day Adam chose to do it we had planned a boat trip to other islands in the area, it was due to be highly romantic, just us (well and the boat crew) who would drop us off so we could kayak, explore the clear waters, lounge on the sandy beaches. Roll forward stormy weather drawing in, rain, massive waves and the biggest arm workout on a kayak ever, not exactly an idyllic proposal setting so the ring made it back to dry land and our little island we were calling home. After the drama of the morning I wanted to just relax on our terrace in the sun which had re-appeared but Adam insisted we went down to the beach for a while so he could take some pictures. After taking a few he made me stand looking out to sea to take some, then I started becoming a bit suspicious, the photos would have been a weird angle and he was taking ages! When I turned around he was down on one knee presenting a gorgeous ring. I lost all ice queen traits I have previously exhibited and burst into tears. I then obviously said YES! It was just us on the whole beach at this time, the photos are courtesy of a go pro.

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The next hour was amazing, we sat on the beach and chatted, hugged and talked about the future together and he repeated his speech since I had cried over it and not really listened! I had heard people say getting engaged is a magical moment and never really believed it until then, Adam did a great job and the moment really was perfect. Bring on the wedding!

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