25 Of Our Favorite Ring Boxes

It’s finally here! The ring you’ve carefully picked out is ready to play a part in your proposal. The only question is, how are you planning to carry it and present it as pop the question? Reveal your ring to your partner in style by keeping it in one of our favorite ring boxes that are perfect for storing the ring, holding on to it if it’s a bit too big to wear after you propose, or even doubling as a box for your ring bearer to carry down the aisle!

Our love goes on forever – Show your partner how much you love them, and how far you’ll go, with a Love You to the Moon and Back ring box, which can double as a small jewelry box for earrings and rings after the proposal!

Love you to the moon and back ring box

Burgundy Velvet Ring Box – Sleek, simple, sophisticated, this burgundy ring box will draw all eyes to your sparkling diamond as you take off the lid and reveal what’s inside.

burgundy ring box

Turtle Engraved Wooden Ring Box – Whether you love turtles or just love love, this turtles in love ring box will be a sweet symbol of your feelings for one another.

Slim Hinged Wooden Engagement Ring Box – Slide your engagement ring safely into your pocket or even your sock without creating a suspicious bulge thanks to this slim, single-hinge engagement ring box.

Wooden Wedding and Engagement Ring Box – Perfect for holding your engagement ring pre-proposal or a wedding ring for a ring bearer’s trip down the aisle. This multipurpose wooden engagement and wedding ring box can be customized both inside and outside, making it a personalized keepsake to last a lifetime.

Custom wooden engagement and wedding ring box, engraveable

Walnut Tree Ring Box – Sealed in flaxseed oil, this handcrafted walnut tree wooden ring box has a glossy finish and closes securely so you won’t need to worry about losing the ring as you travel to your proposal location.

Mint Wooden Engagement Ring Box – A colorful spin on the traditional wooden hinged box, the distressed mint box has a well loved feel and is perfect for anyone who’s a fan of rustic looks and boho vibes.

Fairy Tale Book Ring Box – Bring your love story to life, literally. Customize the front of your own romance novel with a personalized book cover ring box.

Tree Carving Ring Box – Relive the romantic moment of carving your initials into a tree by commemorating it in pocket form. Engrave the initial of your first or your last name into this wooden tree carving engagement ring box for a memory to last a lifetime.

Greenery Acrylic Ring Box – Compliment the scenery of an outdoor proposal or bring a bit of color to a winter proposal with this beautiful botanical-inspired engagement and wedding ring box.

botanical wedding ring box with greenery

Marry Me Engagement Ring Box – Let your ring box do the asking for you, literally. Sweet and to the point, this marry me ring box says just that. When the box is opened, the inside says trust love, which we wholeheartedly agree with.

Beauty and the Beast Ring Box – Your proposal story will become a tale as old as time as you retell it over and over for years to come after saying yes to the ring in this romantic, stained glass inspired Beauty and the Beast ring box.

Simple Glass Ring Box – Keep all eyes on the ring with this adorable glass ring box, framed in a variety of metals to choose from. Dress it up, dress it down, paint the glass, whatever your heart desires. The simplicity of the box makes it your blank canvas to work with.

Etched Vintage Glass Engagement Ring Box – Add vintage detail to your proposal with a custom etched glass engagement ring box to hold your ring. A sentimental box that can be used to store jewelry and trinkets for years to come.

fairy tale etched vintage glass ring box

How About Forever Ring Box – A proposal is a promise for forever, so let your ring box share the message that you mean it when you pop the question. Stay short and to the point with this how about forever wooden box with slide off lid.

Lavender Velvet Ring Box – From proposing to photographing, the soft, pastel color of this velvet lavender ring box is multi-purpose.

Rose Gold Pocket Watch Ring Holder – Disguise your engagement ring in a pocket watch ring holder. The perfect place to store a ring if you think a box outline will look too suspicious in your pocket or bag.

Rose gold pocket watch wedding and engagement ring holder with chain

Floral Anchor Ring Box – Pop the question to the one who keeps you grounded with a symbolic anchor engagement ring box.

Glass Geometric Terrarium Style Ring Box – Modern style, customized and decorated to meet your needs. Put your names along with the proposal or wedding date on the outside and then fill the box with flowers, sequins or other object to create a bed for the engagement ring to lay on in the glass geometric terrarium box as it’s presented to your soon-to-be fiance!

Harry Potter Ring Box – Calling all Harry Potter fans! Show your muggle pride and propose with this Gryffindor engagement ring box. Don’t worry, they’re available in all houses.

Custom Engraved Monogram Jewelry Box – Clean and simple, this personalized clear acrylic ring box draws all eyes to the gorgeous ring inside.

Celtic Claddagh Ring Box – Diamond ring, Claddagh ring, whatever ring you want will look great in a hand-painted Celtic wooden ring box symbolizing love, friendship and fidelity.

Floral and lace ring box – Does it get much better than an engagement ring AND a flower? Trimmed in cotton lace, this dainty wooden ring box with floral insert can be custom engraved.

Round Wooden Engagement Box – Don’t be surprised when you propose if your loved one spends more time marveling at the gorgeous carvings on this detailed engagement ring box than the actual ring. We can’t say we blame them.

Tanned Leather Ring Box – Put your engagement ring on front and center display inside a gorgeous leather engagement ring box, perfect popping open while popping the question to reveal your loved one’s dream ring.


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