Fatima and Austin

how we met

I remember like it was yesterday,My first day at MAC. I was super nervous about my new job. The day was going by great and half way through my shift I went to the ladies room. As I was walking down the aisle in Dillard’s, here comes this tall handsome guy walking my way. He walked up to me and asked for my name. He was such a gentleman. I felt like the world stopped as we talked. This was the beginning of a special spark in both of us. 3 months later, we went on our first date. Now here we are 4 years later, and inseparable.

how they asked

It was January 19, 2019 at the Ferris Wheel in Atlanta, Georgia. We planned to go late at night to see the city lights. I was so happy to be in my hometown and making memories with him. It felt like a normal date night and we took photos the entire time. The view was so beautiful. If you’ve ever seen ATL in the night as the buildings light up then you know this was beautiful to watch. As we started to go up the Ferris wheel, I was so mesmerized by the view, I was in a daydream. As the Ferris wheel started to come down the second time, I heard his seriousness in his voice. Hearing him call my name Fatima truly took my breath away.I just knew it was happening. I felt like my brain and heart left my body as he took the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him I couldn’t say a word. My mouth dropped and I couldn’t stop looking in his eyes. The view of seeing my dream come true truly blew me away. He had to grab my hand and put the ring on my finger because I was completely numb. This is what happens when a man says what he truly means. I’ll never forget that feeling of happiness.
A few months before the proposal, we were out shopping in the mall getting my watch fixed when we stumbled across a jeweler. He played it off so well by leaving me there to get my ring sized. The ladies were so nice and very helpful. I was soooo nervous and shaking just trying on rings. He told the ladies to let me try on whatever ring it is I wanted. I almost fainted. I fell in love with the princess cut and a pear shaped diamond. I wanted it to be special so I told him these are my favorites and that I want it to be his choice. And wow did he out do himself. I’m in love.

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Special Thanks

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