Farrin and Cole

how we met

When people ask how we met I always say it was because Cole slid into my DM’s. He hates it because he thinks it’s embarrassing but I love it and think it’s hilarious! Never fails to make people laugh. The whole story is that Cole and I knew each other from high school. We were more acquaintances than friends. He says he totally remembers saying hi to me in the hallways, but I can’t remember that at all! Fast forward to December 2017. I was with a friend in Santa Fe, NM and I had posted several insta stories because we were at Meow Wolf. Cole had followed me on Instagram earlier that day and I just had a feeling that he was going to message me. He SWEARS he was not planning on messaging me that same day, but he did. He responded to one of the stories and asked where the exhibit was. We ended up talking for hours. We went on our first date on Dec 26 and the rest is history! When people ask how we met I always say it was because Cole DM’d me. He hates it cause he thinks it’s embarrassing but I love it and think it’s hilarious! Never fails to make people laugh.

how they asked

Cole: “One night while I was in bed, inspiration struck. I suggested that Farrin and I should go to Austin for our second anniversary because that’s where we had gone for our first. I knew she wanted it to be somewhere outdoors and picturesque, so I immediately thought of Mt. Bonnell. After some consulting with one of her best friends, I decided to have brunch afterward at one of her favorite restaurants, Tiny Boxwoods. I knew she would want all of her family and friends there so I started texting everyone about three months before the big day. I wanted to throw her off on our first night there (Friday) so I had scheduled a helicopter ride for us to go on but unfortunately, it was very windy that entire week and the ride ended up being canceled. Friday night we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Uchi, and I told her that we were doing a photoshoot in the morning (I had to tell her because she would not wake up that early without a reason). She jokingly asked me “are you sure you’re not gonna propose to me tomorrow?” I played it off and told her I decided to schedule it because she was always complaining about how we don’t have enough pictures together. We woke up the next morning, got ready, and headed out the door to Mt. Bonnell where we met up with our amazing photographer Gracie. Gracie had us pose for several pictures, and it seemed like Farrin was convinced it was a totally normal photoshoot. Then Gracie asked us to face back to back and turn around like we were seeing each other for the first time. Once Farrin turned around I got down on one knee, and when she turned to face me again, she was shocked! I was shaking, I’ve never been so nervous in my life and I can’t remember everything I said but I do know that when I asked her to marry me, she said yes! The surprises weren’t done yet. After that, we went back down and I told her we were going to brunch at Tiny’s. She asked if any of her friends and family were there and I told her that unfortunately, no one could make it. She even facetimed her mom and friends who all made it seem like they were in other places. Once we got to Tiny’s we walked into a private room that her friends had decorated, and everyone yelled “surprise!”. I think she was even more shocked then than when I proposed! The rest of the day was spent hanging out with friends and family and spending some time celebrating on Rainey Street.”
Farrin: “Cole did a very good job of playing the whole thing off. I was pestering him for months about planning a proposal and asking my mom and brother because I thought he hadn’t done either of those things. Little did I know he already had. The proposal was so special and lovely. Mt. Bonnell is one of the most scenic spots in Austin and I am so happy to say that I got engaged there. Having my best friends there (who by the way flew in from 3 different states) and my family there was so special to me. I started crying as soon as I saw everyone because that room was just filled with an overwhelming amount of love.”

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