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Farren's Proposal in Orlando Florida

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After a long day at work Roderick called Farren asking did she want to go ride the swans at Lake Eola. Farren stated that was fine. Roderick picked Farren up from home and the two set off. Roderick parked at the east side of the park, however the swans were located on the west side. The two walked around the park and discussed life. After it was discovered the swans were closed Farren was ready to go home and curl up. Roderick had another idea, stating “let’s walk around one more time.” Farren was getting upset with Roderick stating “I am ready to go home” Roderick said “lets walk around one more time.” Farren replied “Roderick you are making me do something I don’t want to,” However she and Roderick kept walking. Once they made it to the pier Roderick took out his phone to take a picture (or so Farren thought).

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Farren said to him ” are we really going to take pictures here when we just took pictures here two weeks ago?” Roderick replied “yes, we are.” He then asked some random bystanders to take the picture. Little did Farren know once he got closer he whispered “will you record this please?” Farren went to take her sunglasses off and laid them on the dock. When Farren turned around Roderick was there on one knee…Farren was extremely shocked. She was so shocked even though she can’t swim she was shocked enough to jump in the lake! To witness this love story… log on to YouTube and search “Love is alive in Orlando”

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