Farren and Nicholas

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Turks and Caicos

How We Met

We met in New York while I visiting for my birthday at a bar in Soho. He’s from New York and I’m from California. We ended up kissing that night after we left the bar and then didn’t speak for a couple of months. He came out to California to surprise his best friend for his birthday and we started talking again. I would fly back and forth from California to NYC once a month and we dated long distance for 9 months- then I decided to cut my lease short, sell all my stuff and move to New York (within 8 days) I was living in New York in an empty corner apartment, starting over in a new city with nick. I’ve been here since and 4 moves and 5 years later we’re engaged!

How They Asked

We flew to Turks and Caicos and rented an estate for his 30th birthday with some family and friends – the first night everyone said let’s go take photos of the sunset and so we all lined up in the backyard, and my brother was flying his drone (which I didn’t think twice about ) and then out of nowhere my dad who lives across the country- popped out of the bushes and said “hey sis”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Turks and Caicos

and had 2 bottles of champagne and as he came walking, nick grabbed me and pulled me back and got on one knee and proposed- my first response on camera was are you serious?

I was in utter shock as my brother got the whole thing on the drone, and my entire family flew from Cali to be there. It was amazing.