Farren and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I had been dating for 3 years and had spent all of our holidays together. We are both very close with our families, and living half way across the country from them is difficult for us, especially around Thanksgiving/Christmas time. I was upset because I had just found out that not only would I NOT be off for the days before and after Thanksgiving, but I would also be working the Friday before and the Monday after Christmas, which meant we wouldn’t be with either of our families for the holidays for the third year in a row. I was feeling pretty homesick by the time December rolled around.

how they asked

On the first Wednesday in December, Matt told me that I HAD to open my Christmas present right then and there. This started the usual argument; he HATES surprises, and loves opening his gifts way before birthdays or holidays, meanwhile I LOVE surprises and it is a mortal sin for me to open a present a minute before the day of whatever we’re celebrating. After much insisting, I opened my present and found two plane tickets to my hometown in California for that weekend. He had found a way to give me my family Christmas a little early, and I was so amazed that I didn’t even think to be suspicious that something else might be going on.

When we got to California, my mom told me she needed to borrow Matt to help her shop for my dad’s Christmas present, so they left and my dad and I had a movie marathon. Little did I know Matt and my mom were actually scouring my hometown for the perfect place to propose. The next day Matt asked if I could take him to old town to do some Christmas shopping; it was raining and we had no other plans so we went for it.

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We we’re walking around under our umbrella when Matt pointed out the train station and asked if we could go over there. I informed him that there was literally nothing over there but benches, but sure. As we were walking over, he kept pointing my attention to our left and asking “what is that” and “why is that there” about inanimate objects and buildings, like grass and the newspaper office. What he was actually doing was diverting my attention from the parking garage where our parents were clearly visible and taking pictures of us (his parents had flown up from Southern California that morning). We got to the train station and he suggested we sit down on one of the benches. I told him no, because it was raining and my butt was going to get wet, but he can. He strongly insisted that I join him, and I finally agreed.

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We talked a little before he hit me with, “You know, I didn’t just fly you out here to see your family.” He then got down on one knee and said something beautiful that I don’t remember because I blacked out. I said YES!!! He then tried to put the ring back in his pocket, to which I yelled “NO THATS MINE!” and we started laughing as he put it on my finger. As our families came down to join us I looked around at our beautiful surroundings and realized how absolutely perfect everything was with the rain and the leaves and figured it couldn’t possibly get any better than that. But Matt had one more trick up his sleeve. He had arranged a big family dinner celebration with all of my extended family and his family that had flown up. It was so amazing, and the more I think about it the more excited I am to marry him 3 weeks from today!

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