Farrah and Kevin

Image 1 of Farrah and Kevin

How We Met

It all began on October 18, 2014 after the USC ( University of South Carolina) verses Furman football game. Farrah was tailgating with her sister, Fallyn, and went to meet up with some friends before they went into the game. Kevin was also at this same game and tailgating as well. The day progressed and later that night Farrah got a call from a friend who wanted her to come out with them to celebrate the gamecock win. Farrah was extremely tired and really did not want to go but her and her sister did anyways!

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Farrah and her friends ran into a group of guys and ended up hanging out with them for a while. As they were ending the night someone mentioned to everyone that they were going to met back up with everyone else and grab some food at a place called Sizzle that was a small breakfast restaurant in downtown Columbia. Farrah and her group of friends walked in and immediately noticed the same group of guys they had just met. So they sat down at their table, not knowing that the guys were friends with their friends! The weirdest part is that all of these people were at the tailgate Farrah and her sister were at earlier that day but had no idea because they had already went into the game before Farrah and Fallyn had arrived at the tailgate. Farrah and her sister go and sit down at the only 2 seats open and Farrah’s seat was beside a guy she had never met before. He immediately introduced himself . His exact words, ” Hey, im Kevin!” then she introduced herself ” Hey, Im Farrah!” They talked about school and golf and he still tells her to this day he knew she was the one when she told him she was a golfer too! They exchanged numbers and talked a little longer before leaving and then something happened that neither one of them will ever forget. Farrah asked, “Can I have a bite of that?” Farrah immediately knew it was meant to be when he answered “Yes!” and let her have some of his sandwich. As the night ended, Kevin looked at Farrah and said ” This wont be the last time I see you,” and Farrah agreed!

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how they asked

On March 19, 2017 Kevin popped the question at the Peach Tree Farm in Fort Mill, SC. A friend reached out to Farrah asking if her and Kevin would model for her photography website. Kevin took this opportunity to get Farrah really dressed up and the whole thing on camera. Farrah loves pictures and he knew she would want the whole thing photographed. Towards the end of the photo session Kevin grabbed Farrah and said “Can we take one more over here by this tree?” They walked over and suddenly Kevin drops down on one knee surprising not only Farrah but the Photographer too! Kevin did not tell ANYONE he was going to propose except for Farrah’s Mother and Father a week before when asking for permission to marry her. Kevin impressed Farrah SO much with this proposal and she has wonderful pictures to look at forever!

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Special Thanks

Wesley Peterson
 | Photographer