Epic Farm Flash Mob Proposal: Ross and Gina

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How We Met

We first laid eyes on each other at the local gym. We both would run and tell our friends about each other, each one of us hoping that the other one would make the first move because it didn’t seem like the gym was the best place to interrupt someone to tell them you were interested in them. One day, I was browsing through some search results on Match.com and I noticed her. Right away I knew I had my opening and had to jump on it right away. So I sent her a message, shortly after on the same day she responded. We exchanged some messages back and forth for a while and eventually set up our first date with each other. We hit it off right away since we had so much to talk about, being, that we both went to the same gym.

How They Asked

It started off by me taking her ring shopping so she could pick out her ring. Once we started that I knew that I wanted to plan something big, I just wasn’t sure what it was yet. I took a look online to get some ideas, but I wanted this to be something that I came up with on my own, to make it that much more special. After a while of brainstorming, I came up with the idea of a surprise flash mob dance proposal. I knew this would take an extensive amount of planning, but she is well worth it.

I first sought out a local dance team, because I knew I wanted to have choreographed dancers in the routine. My research led me to a local dance shop called “The Hip Hop Shop” (https://www.thehiphopshop.us/). Once I broke the news to them about what I wanted to do, they jumped at the opportunity right away. It took us 3 months of practice, 2 nights a week for 2 hours a night. Also, I had to find some clever ways to sneak out of the house without my girlfriend so I didn’t ruin the surprise. This was no easy task.

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I came up with the idea to host the event at my parents’ house, they live on an 80-acre farm here in Shamong, NJ that provides for some really nice scenery and open space. I had to come up with a clever idea on how to get her there since we were going to make this whole thing a surprise. Once I started the invites, it became harder to keep track of everything, my fiance has a very large family, and also a large group of friends. So I wound up making official invites for the event to relay my message to everyone as best as possible.

Ross's Proposal in Shamong, NJ

The invite list grew to over 110+ people, so I had to make sure everyone kept this a secret from her. Once I set the date, we had to plant the seed. We took Gina out to dinner 2 weeks prior to the event and I had my parent help me set up the lie we were going to tell her. We told her that they were getting some new animals on the farm that she really likes, fainting goats, and that is how we were going to lure her there. For the next 2 weeks, my parents would call and update her on when they were getting the goats, she had absolutely no idea.

When the day finally arrived, I had to find a way to get her out of the house without me, so I could arrive separately and surprise her with my dance. I work from home, so I just told her that I had to work that morning, and once again, she bought it. She left the house to go pick up her mother first as she was supposed to come also, once she left the house, I ran right out behind her. When Gina got to her mom’s house, I asked her mother to stall her for a little bit, and this is how I was able to get to my parents’ house before her to set up. We had to hide all the cars in the back of the property so that when she pulled in she didn’t see anything. Once she arrived, she walked across the front of the property along the fence line, and once she turned the corner, she was greeted by 120 people, all family, and friends, clapping and cheering for her.

Her reaction was priceless as she walked down a line of all her friends and family, she was overwhelmed and absolutely shocked to see something she had no idea was planned for her. She would eventually make her way to the main event, where she took a seat on a small stool we had placed for her as she waited for what was about to happen next.

She was greeted by me and the dance team in the form of a surprise flash mob.

After we completed our dance, I made my slow approach to her, took a knee, and confessed my love for her in front of everyone in attendance. SHE SAID YES!!!

Once she said yes, the crowd that was holding balloons all released them at the same time as a small celebration to her saying yes.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Heather Joyce
 | Photographer
Jenn Romano-Baus
 | Dance Choreography