Farideh and Michael


We first met when we were in grade school. We went to the same small catholic school and year after year we would see the same students. Michael always stood out as the cutest boy in school and I would always catch him staring at me during recess. One day he got up the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend, I of course said yes. I graduated middle school 2 weeks later and never thought I would see him again. Fast forward 6 years, I’m finishing up my second year in college and Michael is getting ready to finish high school. We reconnected through social media and we talked nonstop for a week. We went on a couple of dates and Michael asked me to go with him to his Grad Nite at Disneyland. I agreed to go with him and we had an amazing time, we were waiting in line to ride Space Mountain when Michael  accidentally let an “I love you” slip out. I immediately responded and told him I loved him too.

I have always been extremely sneaky and difficult to surprise so I always thought that I would know when Michael was planning my proposal. I had a feeling that it was happening soon but I wasn’t sure exactly when. I was almost sure that I would know when it was all happening because I didn’t think Michael would able to hide his nerves. We spent the day before the proposal and the day of together and not once did Michael seem nervous or distracted.

It was a typical Disneyland trip we had planned, we have annual passes and visit the park multiple times a month. Michael told me we had lunch reservations at a restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel. The plan was to have lunch and then spend the rest of the day at the park. As we were walking towards the restaurant Michael started to pull me away from the direction of the restaurant and towards the Rose Court Garden. My heart immediately sank and I started asking him what was happening, he had this cute nervous smile and I could feel his hands shaking. I realized this was it, this was the moment I had been waiting for for 7 years. I started crying as he pulled me to the middle of this beautiful white gazebo in the middle of this beautiful garden. He got down on one knee, said some beautiful words (most of which I don’t remember), and then he said “will you marry me?” I said yes about a million times as he slipped the most  beautiful ring on my finger. Michael hired a photographer to capture the moment.