Farheen and Azim

How We Met

We actually met online on a dating app. I had just finished my exams and decided to see what all the fuss was that my friends were talking about. I remember my cousin slept over that night and I asked her how her luck was on this app. I had heard mixed reviews from friends and to be honest, I wasn’t really into it. I even downloaded it previously, but never took much interest into actually trying it out. I guess because I had always imagined meeting the love of my life in the flesh – in a romantic, Bollywood, fairy-tale type of way. But after hearing my cousin’s feedback I figured why not? Let’s give it a shot. And little did I know that the message I would get that night would be the start of my very own romantic Bollywood fairytale…

Being a “lady” I didn’t respond to his message that night because I didn’t want to give a certain impression by messaging back so late. So I replied the next morning with very low expectations. He surprised me. We clicked instantly. I remember it was the NBA Playoff season and we were both rooting for our favourite team, The Toronto Raptors! We texted all day, texted through dinner, texted throughout the game, and texted into the night. Neither of us wanted the conversation to end. That night, I had never fallen asleep feeling so damn giddy! A week went by and he asked me out on our first date. Being the guarded person that I am, I was apprehensive and thought maybe it was too soon, that maybe I needed to get to know him longer. But I knew in my heart that he was someone I wanted to meet. So I said yes.

It turned out our first date was at the Raptors Playoff Game!!! Talk about going above and beyond… (I now know it’s in his nature). I was super excited yet extremely nervous, to a point where I almost turned around on my way there and went back home. But, by the end of the night, I felt like I knew Azim my entire life. I felt like I was always meant to be here. Like I belonged here. He is such a kind, generous, sweet, considerate, and honourable man. He is SO funny, especially when he doesn’t try to be. He’s super smart. And most of all, he is hands down the most handsome man I have ever seen. We’ve been inseparable since we met, and I truly believe that God made us for each other.

how they asked

He rented out a beautiful, secluded property up-north with the most quaint tree-house you’ll ever see. He had our song While We’re Young by Jhene Aiko playing in the background, in the violin version. (My favorite sound). It was his mom’s birthday so I got ready to go out for dinner. I live in Whitby and he lives in Mississauga so he was sweet enough to pick a restaurant in Markham just to make it easier for me that evening. He had told me from weeks ago that on the way to her dinner he needs me to pick up a part for his car, from his friend. On the day of, I was sent yet another reminder of picking up this car-part, but this time with the address of where the shop was. He told me his friend’s cousin had a shop not far from Whitby so it’d be easy for me to grab it before dinner.

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I drove up north for a solid 40mins having mini panic attacks all along the way because I was getting soooo late for his mom’s birthday dinner. I kept calling him getting upset that I’m not there yet, and how his mom is going to hate me for being so late to her dinner. I was still getting to know his family so I really wanted to make a good impression!

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And here I was driving up a road with no street lights, all I could I see was pitch-black in front of me and pitch-black in my rear-view mirror. Azim’s friend Hamza, then called me because he knew his cousin’s shop was a difficult location to get to. He suggested to meet me on the side of the main road since service goes out after a certain point, so my Google Maps would stop working. Lo and behold as soon as he said that, my phone disconnected and I lost all service. At this point I was freaking out while trying to remember the name of the side street he had mentioned, and praying to get there soon.  I finally saw him standing on the side of the road and followed his car into the rocky side street. I thought, “what an inconvenient place to have a mechanic shop”. He then suggested for me to just leave my car on the side and to drive-in with him since the roads were pretty bad, and my car wasn’t meant for that kind of wear n’ tear.

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I was relieved to get in because I did not want to be driving anymore. As we drove, Hamza started telling me about the shop and how there are a lot of coyotes in the area. My stress levels did not calm down at all. I just wanted to get this car-part and get out of there as soon as possible. We had finally pulled up, although it was still pitch-black so I couldn’t tell. Hamza urged me to step out of the car but I preferred to wait inside.

I was scared now, what if there was a coyote out there? He then passed me a pair of my shoes and told me to put them on. I was SO confused as to how he had a pair of MY shoes in his car? Then he urged me to come out of the car again. I heard a deep sound which sounded like a growl and decided, “nope” I’ll stay in the car. He kept insisting over and over again until I came out of the car.

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I stepped outside and all I heard was Azim & I’s song playing in the background in a violin version. That deep sound which I thought was a coyote growl, was actually Azim’s voice on the speakers. I was beyond confused until I turned around to see a beautiful pathway lit with flowers and candles, and Azim standing at the end of it by a sign that asked, “Will you marry me?”

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My jaw instantly dropped in awe and my eyes filled with tears. My heart felt like it was beating outside of my chest as I walked towards the man of my dreams. Truly, the most magical moment of my life.

Farheen and Azim's Engagement in At a treehouse in Scugog, ON

After he proposed, our friends and family let lanterns go in the sky and ran out to congratulate us. Azim had one more surprise for me though. We walked through some trees to an adorable, quaint, two-story treehouse with an intimate barbecue setup outside. There was music, hanging lights, dinner, and a fire pit surrounded by posters & snippets of past conversations that we had about our future. As well as an emotional open letter written by Azim.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At a treehouse in Scugog, ON

After all, was said and done, I was engaged to the love of my life!

Azim spent months planning this with the help of all our friends and family. The level of thought & effort put into orchestrating such a spectacular night for me was out of this world. I couldn’t be more thankful for all the help everyone put into this. Especially two of Azim’s best friends, Hamza & Hafiz. Hamza & Azim constructed the “Will you marry me” sign from scratch. Each day after work, these boys got together to help create things for the proposal. I don’t know another group of guys like Azim’s friends, who would put their all into a proposal that wasn’t even theirs.

This was the start of our fairytale… and 3 months from now we will begin our #HappilyEverAkhtar

Special Thanks

Azra Jenna