Farhana and Manny

How We Met

Manny and I met in spring 2014 in Washington, D.C., while studying for law school finals in the Georgetown Law Library. Unbeknownst to me, he had purposefully sat in my corner of the library for several days before I ended up sitting right next to him. We quickly became friends after Manny offered a study guide to help me in understanding the notoriously difficult rule against perpetuities (he was one year my senior and had taken Property the year before). After finals finished that spring, we lost touch, as Manny studied abroad the following semester. A full year later, spring finals were upon us again, and we resumed studying together and having coffee and lunch daily. One beautiful day during lunch, I mentioned it was the perfect day for a bike ride, but unfortunately, we would need to study. Manny, being my more carefree counterpart, insisted we take an afternoon study break and go for a bike ride. I eventually agreed to go for an evening ride after we studied for a few more hours. Eventually, our bike ride turned into watching an impromptu No Doubt concert in the National Mall and sharing a large gelato.

Farhana and Manny's Engagement in On a beach

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Since that day, we were inseparable despite the miles between us. Manny graduated law school three weeks later and moved to Boston, where he had a job lined up. I finished up law school after another year and moved back to NYC. We did long distance for three (long) years before Manny moved to NYC in June 2018. Along with the inherent difficulties of a long distance relationship, Manny and I also overcame the religious and cultural barriers that separated us. Our story was never simple or uncomplicated, but the adversity has made our love all the more stronger.

Farhana's Proposal in On a beach

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How They Asked

Manny and I always envisioned a private proposal, with just the two of us. I thought I would be able to tell when he was going to propose because he would be visibly nervous and excited (and he has not historically been too great with surprises). On September 28, 2019, one of those days of early fall where the weather is near perfection, Manny suggested we take a stroll on the beach. He was very casual and this was not an out-of-ordinary suggestion. As we walked towards the beach, Manny dropped to his knees in the sand dunes, pulled out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, and began giving a speech he had planned. While he was taking out the ring, I remember asking “Is this real?” I could feel myself shaking from excitement and the gravity of the promise we were making. I honestly blanked on most of what he was saying. Having waited so long for this moment, I was shocked it was finally happening. Of course, I said yes. We spent the next couple of hours on the beach, relishing in the moment and enjoying a stunning sunset, followed by a romantic dinner at a seaside restaurant.