Farah and Christian

How We Met

(as told by Farah) September 2008

Cristian and I met in our US History class in high school and well, the rest is history! We were close friends, but it wasn’t until our senior year of high school in 2012 when we decided to go to Prom together. It was the most magical night of our lives because we shared our first kiss in the middle of the dance floor. Since then, we’ve been the best of friends.

(as told by Farah) October 19, 2019

Cristian planned a beautiful date at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and I thought that might be the moment he would propose. We get to the garden but nothing happened! I was getting hangry so he took me to the Brooklyn Promenade where he bought me my favorite food in New York, NYC hot dogs! When we got to the location, he asked a “random” photographer to take our picture with all of lower manhattan in the background. Cristian then began saying a lot of sweet things I cannot remember because I zoned out after I realized what was happening. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said “YES!”.

How They Asked

He proposed on October 19, 2019. He asked me out on a date and told me to dress nicely because we were going to NYC (my favorite city, EVER)! He took me to the Brooklyn botanical garden where I thought he was going to propose because everyone in my family was acting strange the entire week of the proposal. But when he didn’t propose, I decided not to expect it and just enjoy the rest of the evening. He then said we should go to the Brooklyn Promenade where you can see all of lower east side Manhattan as well as the Statue of Liberty. He asked a “random” photographer to take a picture of us and so she did with my phone. Then she said that she would like to take our picture with her professional camera and I totally agreed! She then started taking tons of pictures, while Cristian was saying all sweet things. I was so excited and happy that I do not remember anything he said other than, “farah, will you marry me?” And I SAID YES!