Fara and Ron


How We Met

Fara and I first met on a dating app called Bumble. Both with prior experience in serious relationships, we knew exactly what we were looking for —someone with a great sense of humor, humble, doesn’t take themselves too serious, driven, not afraid to fight for what they want, romantic, outdoorsy and fitness oriented and accepting. After just a few texts, I asked her out. We met at Shabu, an Ethiopian restaurant meets piano jazz bar hot spot in San Francisco. With butterflies in my stomach, I arrived early and raced to the bar for a glass of wine. Fara had shared that she wasnt going to have a drink because she was running a marathon that following weekend. And then she showed up at the front door. I walked outside, we saw each other’s smile, equally delivered an awkward hug to each other and then boom — opened the door, found a nice seat, eyes-locked, smiles everywhere and the sparks just continued and continued to build on-top of themselves as we listened to each other.

Now Fara had a rule about never eating on a first date. However, I made an executive decision and we ended up stuffing our faces and nearly closed the restaurant down after hours of laughter and connection. She shared her passion for dancing, running, living a playful life, and working hard. And then we broke all the rules of not showing eagerness after a date. Calls and texts that night and the following day resulted. This was unconventional for us both. We quickly scheduled a second date, still eager to have a first kiss. In less than 48hours, I took her out for a second date to the musical Dirty Dancing — her early-childhood favorite movie. After the show, we walked for an hour in the rain in foggy San Francisco, found a nice sushi restaurant, stuffed our faces and closed the night with a few gentlmen’s kisses, both fighting deeper desires. Fast forward to today.  The sparks, respect, gratitude and loving the imperfections and perfections only continue to grow. Today, we are now planning our beautiful wedding, trying to determine if we do it in San Luis Obispo, CA or San Juan, Puerto Rico.

how they asked

On November 23rd 2016, I surprised my beautiful girlfriend with a personal marriage proposal — by producing a personalized movie trailer, finding a Morgan Freeman impersonator to conduct a short voice-over for a portion of it (she’s a big Morgan Freeman fan), and then including footage of friends and family lip singing portions of a Dirty Dancing remix song (Her favorite movie. I also took her to a Dirty Dancing musical on our second date).

For the last 4 months, I secretly recorded myself lip singing portions of the song with her by my side unknowingly, thinking I was just taking selfies of us — no clue that I was video capturing the two of us throughout adventures. I also did the same with some of her friends and family. I then coordinated with her mom to take her to a movie on Wed. Prior to her arrival, I snuck her friends and family into the theatre, all wearing disguises. To help disguise, the theatre also lowered the lights more than usual before the trailers would begin. The goal was to create a romantic, surprising, creative, and personal experience for her.

Upon her arrival, we began the standard intro footage and then placed my trailer in the mix. The move trailer took me 4 months to produce, secretly travel around to capture footage, coordinate, edit, and deliver. Each scene is strategic to personalized moments of our relationship. She still tears up in happiness after watching it. While its not perfect, I couldn’t me more happy about how this turned out for her.


Our Video

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