Fanecia and Desmond

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how they asked

The setup was perfect! I would be heading to China to finish up my MBA degree in International Business in Feb, and my birthday was in January. So me being me and a go big or go home mentality type of guy set up a huge going away/birthday party. I knew that this was a chance to get tons of my friends/my family together with my fiance Fanecia’s friends/family because a lot of them support me. The night was perfect, had a grand entrance to Bruno Marz “24kt gold” and the atmosphere was full of love. People from all walks of my life were there to enjoy this time for “me”. Mid-way through the party, I gave a speech thanking everyone for coming. In my speech I gave my example of the Obama farewell speech where I called my fiance by her full government name. For those who envisioned me proposing at this event would assume I would squeeze it in here. But, I had other plans. After my speech I gave direction to my friend Morgan to take Fanecia to my room to grab my cigar because we were taking a “rooftop photo with everyone”.

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Worked perfectly, so when they left, I got back on the mic and had everyone transition upstairs to the rooftop. On the rooftop there was already red roses, and candle lights set up from a friend of ours Lance.

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The transition went perfectly and everyone was set on each side of the walkway with the skyline of the city in the back. It got so big that people from the Fahrenheit restaurant saw what was going on and came out. Within a few minutes I was standing at the end of the walkway with everyone along the sides of the walkway. Then Fanecia comes out last with Morgan and turns the corner and her legs lock and she says “OMG”. So Morgan takes her to the side for a sec to get Fanecia together and she takes a long, sexy, looks like she practiced it a million times walk to me. People are in awe at her beauty as she struts down the walkway. She finally gets to me and shakes her head because she realized I surprised her very well. I say my spill, then get down on one knee. At this time the crowd is going crazy, she says “Yes” and now we are making history.

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Special Thanks

Harris Jeter
 | Photo/video
Lance Lamar
 | Decor
 | Planning