Family Yoga Session Turns Into Emotional Proposal

Image 1 of Lissy and Joey

How We Met

Joey and I met through a series of mutual friends and happening to be in the same place at the same times while I was in nursing school and he in dental school at UF. When he finally convinced me to go on a date with him, he did so by saying “it’s a free meal” and I mean, there’s no good rebuttal to that argument. We went to the The Top, which is still my favorite restaurant in Gainesville and I asked all the kinds of questions you don’t ask on a first date. Think along the lines of “so, how many kids do you want?” (He wanted 4, I wanted 4…there were brownie points distributed.) I was a woman on a mission to not waste any time seriously dating anyone whose goals did not align with my own and my Mister met every check on my “list.” Somehow though, I decided that he was too nice and that it certainly meant he was up to no good and asked him if we could be “just friends.” But then you add in college, and persistence, and a shot of tequila or two and you end up spending every waking minute together and realizing that well, he really, actually is this nice. I mean it, you guys, my fiancee is the nicest person I have ever met.

how they asked

After about 4 months of dating, I knew I wanted to marry Joey and we fell in love in a way I’d never experienced in my whole life. So by year 3 of dating, let’s just say I had not been shy
about sharing my nuptial desires. I really started to believe he was going to propose at all times. If we went to the grocery store, I was sure that there would be a flash mob in the deli isle where he’d get down on one knee. We went to the Cinderella premiere and I was certain my very own carriage would be waiting for the proposal outside the movie theater. It was nuts.

But somehow, Joey planned a proposal that was everything I’d ever dreamed without me suspecting for a second that it would be THE DAY. I didn’t even paint my nails, y’all. I was having really busy week between work and several papers due and an exam and my family had asked if they could come visit and so I was in a frenzy! When Joey told me his patient needed some volunteers for a yoga class on the beach, I promptly replied absolutely not and told him my family would hate that and I was not going. He begged and begged and for the sake of his aspiring yoga teacher patient, I obliged.

Image 2 of Lissy and JoeyAs a last minute add-on, Joey’s family also decided to come visit (I didn’t find it odd at all because they come visit us pretty often, especially if my family is in town so we can all be together) and we all met at the beach. Everyone was cool as a cucumber. I still can’t believe they hid it so well. Everyone had brought mats and our aspiring yoga teacher, Kasey, (who is actually an aspiring actor and not a yoga teacher at all!) set us up next to our mats. I was moved away from my own mat but thought nothing of it at the time. Kasey said he was color coordinating for video and placed me next to an orange mat and that was that. That I was wearing an orange shirt was a total coincidence, too! I don’t know how he thought of that!

Little did I know that when I rolled out my mat, it would say WILL YOU MARRY ME? (in spanish) across the bottom!!! I am Cuban and my first language is Spanish and Joey has been making an amazing effort to learn spanish since we started dating. It was the most perfect detail. Add to it that our families were there and that he chose the ring of my dreams. It was the perfect beginning to the rest of our lives. A lesson in love, patience, and allowing things to happen in their due time. Thanks to our amazing friends and family for being there. He couldn’t have done it without you!

Image 3 of Lissy and Joey

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