Falynn and Doug

Falynn's Proposal in My parents house

How We Met

Doug and I met in the first class of our first college semester by completely random happenstance. I live in the town from the university and he was from hours north. One day during the second week of classes we both got to the building for the morning class particularly early and the building wasn’t open yet (small town college) and we were sitting on the benches outside. He was passing the time reading a book and we officially introduced ourselves when I apologized for interrupting his pensive state to comment my interest in the book. My unique interruption and interest piqued his interest. Being in a smaller college, we crossed paths a lot and ended up spending a lot of time around each other. We both know Latin from high school, we both read a lot, we both dislike poetry and like video games. He asked me out early on but I had been bullied in high-school and thought he was just messing with me too (I was 17 at the time). We kept hanging out, he asked me about again about the third year in, I turned him down again. Then senior year we didn’t see each other much but stayed in touch and this continued post-graduation after Doug went to get his masters and I went right into working. He was coming back into town a little over a year after and we met up for a really late dinner (I had to get off a long work day first) and he decided to give it one more shot to ask me out. Unfortunately, he waited until I was going into my house and I was exhausted and said I’d tell him tomorrow since we made breakfast plans and I couldn’t keep my eyes open or function. Doug had thrown in the towel in his mind and then he was shocked when I finally and actually said ‘yes’ in the morning (when I was conscious and all). The relationship connection was very deep in a short time with even more in common. I told him I regret not giving him a chance sooner and Doug sweetly told me it was okay because I wasn’t ready then and maybe our relationship wouldn’t have been the greatness we have now. Awwww, how lucky can a bride-to-be get?

How They Asked

Doug had asked me (FCA) out three times before I said yes. We both realized very quickly we had a special connection with each other. For years he said he would never propose on any ‘gift’ holidays-no birthday, Valentine, etc. He said it’s too ‘cliche’ and was just to get out of a gift. Then at Christmas, (which I had been emotionally dealing with a lot the prior week) with my family and he went to my father and whispered to him to get ready to take a picture. Then he said he had another present for me and got down on one knee and proposed in Latin (a language we both speak) with his heirloom ring passed down to him from his late grandfather. He’d said he’d wanted to propose for a couple of years but wanted it to be completely unexpected. There was a little forgivable fibbing that led to a most amazing surprise. I said ‘Yes’ (sic), but there’s no surprise there. :) ~FCA

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My parents house