Fallyn and Tyler

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ocean Beach Park New London Connecticut

How We Met

It all started when Fallyn’s friend convinced her to join a well known “dating” app called Tinder. Fallyn was extremely apprehensive about it but eventually gave in and decided to create an account. She had only been on Tinder for a few days and matched with a few people. One guy reached out and they planned to have their first date a week or so later. But that all changed when Tyler messaged Fallyn. They made plans to go out to dinner a few days before she was supposed to go on her other date. Fallyn told herself she didn’t want anything serious for a while but after meeting Tyler for the first time she knew something felt right. And from that day on Fallyn and Tyler spent almost every day together. Like any relationship, Tyler and Fallyn encountered bumps in the road but always seemed to find their way back to each other. The love Fallyn and Tyler have for each other is incredibly strong so it was only a matter of time until they would make it official

how they asked

Exactly 1 month away from their 2 year anniversary Tyler and Fallyn went with another couple down to Ocean Beach Park in New London for a music festival. One friend suggested walking down the beach. Little did Fallyn know, she was walking to the spot where Tyler would get down on one knee and ask her to be his wife. As they got to the jetty Fallyn noticed how beautiful the sunset was and knew she needed to take pictures. First, she took pictures of their friends and then Tyler and Fallyn took their place.

As they were getting their picture taken Fallyn could feel Tyler’s heart racing. She had no idea what was wrong but brushed it off and went to grab her phone to see how the pictures came out. At that moment Tyler grabbed Fallyn’s waist and told her to hold on. That was the moment Fallyn knew. Tyler got down on one knee and asked her the question she had been waiting to hear. Almost before Tyler could finish asking, Fallyn was in tears saying yes. Now they have begun planning a wedding for the summer of 2020 and can’t wait to share their love with their friends and family.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Ocean Beach Park New London Connecticut