Fallon and DeVon

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How We Met

Almost 5 years ago we met when I was at brunch. He saw the Delta employee parking sticker on my car and said he was also trying to get in with the company. He asked for my business card, and I happily gave him one and obliged to refer him any time a new bid he was interested in became available. I had no idea he already was working for the company (Sneaky). He emailed me consistently at least once a quarter for THREE YEARS. We crossed paths in a meeting December 2014, but I didn’t recognize him. He went back to work, emailed me informing me that it was him in the meeting, asked me to lunch at headquarters and I accepted. I never turn down food. At lunch I knew he liked me, and I was immediately turned off, but still allowed him to add me on Facebook. I was in distress one night and posted that I needed someone to put together a book case for my living room. He responded within minutes of my Facebook post, came over, put it together and kept in touch. Months later I posted the same need for a new entertainment center in my master bedroom. I was reluctant to let him upstairs in my bedroom, but he came over, didn’t try anything and put that together too! Eight months later he started taking me to lunch regularly while I was on medical leave, and the rest is history.

how they asked

Houston, Texas. The Day After Christmas. 4:43 PM. Walking out of my parents’ house (running late as usual…I will be better in 2017), headed to our annual family Christmas photo shoot! I was so excited because we took last year’s photos in the NICU with my Beautiful Nephew. Read his story Here. As if that wasn’t enough to excite me, I was elated because this one would be different from the rest. My boyfriend (now fiancé) would be standing alongside me. This was a HUGE first for us, because we have never taken professional photos together, and I DEFINITELY never brought anyone home for Christmas AND the family photo. Anywho, DeVon and I hopped in the back seat of my dad’s car, and as I looked over to him with excitement, he looked sick or disturbed; mad even.

I whispered, “Babe, what’s wrong?” he replied nothing, but I knew something was up. I saw him texting and figured since we were in the car with my parents, he didn’t want to talk about whatever news he had received in his phone. I asked again as we pulled up to the shoot because he just looked so distraught. I had no idea it was anguish and fear. IT WAS ABOUT TO GO DOWN, and I had NO IDEA. This was MAINLY due to the fact that he LIED to me the night before. He set me up soooo good! Christmas night I walked into his room (you know my parents don’t play that sleeping in the same guest room mess! Bahaha) to charge my phone. He sat me down and said “Babe, we have a problem.” My heart sank immediately. He proceeded, “You know I’m going to get the ring soon (we had JUST found my dream ring only 10 days prior), and I know you wanted your family there with you, but I can’t figure out a way to get them to Atlanta (where we live) or get you back here without it not being obvious.

Also, Lowe (his mom) really wants to be there too.” I go into super girlfriend mode – “Look, this is about us, and although I want them there, we don’t live in the same city, and I want to be genuinely surprised when you do it. If it is just us and a waiter, that’s fine. I just want a photographer there or someone secretly recording because all the engaged girls say they don’t remember anything, and I want to capture the moment.” I am cracking up writing this. Little sneaky self! The next morning I called my best friend, Constance, and neighbor of over 25 years. She was a few houses down the street at her parents, and I wanted to go grab breakfast. She said “SURE!” then canceled on me 30 minutes later. So unlike her. So when she called that afternoon stating she was already wearing our family photo shoot colors and that she would stop by the photo shoot and say hello since she canceled breakfast early that morning, I thought nothing of it.

Our families have always been close. I had NO IDEA she canceled on me because DeVon called her in a panic when I was showering for breakfast that LOWE HAD LANDED! She picked up my my soon-to-be mother in law at 9:30 AM and entertained her the whole day. Our pictures weren’t scheduled until 5pm. I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary as all these instances were taking place. BIG MISTAKE. BIG. HUGE! Ok. Back to the Shoot. As we all exit the cars (my siblings drove separately) and do the final prep for the photo shoot I am THANKFUL! I am admiring my family and grateful that we are there together. We start taking the pictures, then it’s time for me and my baby’s solo shot. I have this signature pose we do where I place my hand on his chest. Lowkey, it’s kinda my way of staking my claim. This My Man! My King! But I couldn’t help but look at my hand on his chest in that moment and think how wonderful it would be to have a ring on my finger.

No less than 10 minutes later I did! Constance arrives and greets the family warmly. I think nothing of her and DeVon talking because they talk almost daily. Every time I am on the phone with Constance (every few hours lol) one of them yells through the phone at each other “HEY FRIEND!” It’s actually pretty cute. We finish up the photo shoot and begin to pack everything up as the sun sets and temperatures drop (perfection for upcoming engagement photos, and because I was sweating. I still have no idea why it was 86 degrees the day after Christmas). THEN! A lady approaches the group slowly, out of the brush (and out of Constance’s car). My mom yells “Who is this lady walking all up on us?” Lowe replies, “Hi, I’m Debra!” I am in shock! My mind is racing 100 mph, I look at Constance confused. I have no idea what is going on. It took me a minute to put things together, but once I did, a rush of emotions came over me. I then realized what was about to happen, Lowe was here, my family, my future Maid Of Honor and DeVon.

I look at him in disbelief, I turn and literally walked away crying. I couldn’t hold my emotions anymore. He got me. He REALLY got me. 5:35 PM. DeVon grabs my hand and sweetly says “Baby, calm down.” I reply through whimpers and tears and trying to figure out how the heck he got the ring so fast – “OK.” He says, “You know I love you and you love me.” According to him I quickly reply “Yes!” before he could get the question out.

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I think he is exaggerating, but I have no clue because that was the last thing I heard. I blacked out and don’t remember any of what happened in the video above. Seeing the love of my life on bended knee, IN WHITE PANTS on the rocks, asking for my hand in marriage was overwhelming. Overjoyed is an understatement, especially when I looked down and he REALLY got my dream ring!!

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I could not have asked for a more perfect proposal. I was shocked, elated, and over come with so many emotions. The more I look back, reflect and put the pieces together it all makes sense!! That morning after I got out the shower I couldn’t find him anywhere (He was outside on the phone with Constance).

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Then I was mad that he wasn’t getting dressed for breakfast quickly. “Hi my name is Fallon, and I love food!” He knew there would be no breakfast with Constance. He kept disappearing at the mall after lunch with my family to get everything ready. Before we got in the car for the photo shoot, he made me switch sides and sit behind my dad because the ring was in his right pocket. He was so nervous in the car because his mom and Constance were texting him that they were hiding at the location of the photo shoot and saw us pull up (I never even noticed her car in that big old empty parking lot). Every picture we took, his hand was in his pocket hiding the ring or he grabbed my hand quickly so I wouldn’t touch it on accident. The best part was that NO ONE in my family knew (thank God! They would’ve given it away FOR SURE).

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Now before you go judging, we already had “clearance” from my parents, who are pastors and have been doing Christian Marriage Counseling (including our pre-marital counseling) and couples for 30 years. We had already completed the first 3 sessions with them before he proposed, even though I told him “DO NOT PROPOSE UNTIL WE ARE DONE COUNSELING!” Boy, am I glad he didn’t listen. I drove home in shock. I did not text anyone. I did not call anyone. I just wanted to soak up the moment. I told my sister who is also a photographer “DO. NOT. POST. ANYTHING.” I needed time to process with the man I love. We got back to my parents’ house and had an impromptu engagement party as a family. Food. Drinks. Balloons. Speeches. Tears. Hugs. LOVE. I cannot WAIT to embark on forever as Mrs. Scott with my best friend! #iSCOTTtheRightOne Baby!! #RiceDownTheAisle begins NOW!

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Special Thanks

Heather Purvis Photography
 | Took our family Christmas photos. My best friend whispered to her that there was about to be a surprise proposal. She handed her cell phone to her husband who was waiting in the car and he caught it all on camera. Then she took our engagement photos immediately following the proposa
Constance darby
 | My bff, neighbor for 25+ years. Planned the whole thing with my fiancé , picked up my future mother in law from the airport that morning and entertained her all day until our evening shoot at 5p