Fallon and Nzimiro

Image 1 of Fallon and Nzimiro

How We Met

In 2016 we were introduced by mutual friends who thought that we would make an ideal match. At that very moment, neither of us was ready to eagerly pursue a new chapter, but God’s plan was very different than what we expected. We learned honesty, acceptance, resilience, and grace which have solidified our foundation in preparation for what’s ahead. Once we discovered that true love like this really exists, we committed to never let it go. 5 years, 8 countries, and countless cities later, we have faithfully decided to journey through this life together, forever.

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How They Asked

We went to Jamaica for the Christmas holiday and were lounging on the beach. We love to take photos but I REALLY love to create reels so Nzimiro asked what I was grateful for on this special day. I felt like I was under a bit of pressure at that moment and rattled off the things in life that came to my head but I totally forgot to say him! He noticed and I quickly amended my “speech”. Seconds later he came closer to me and we made a video together as he went on about the things he was grateful for and in that moment he popped the question, in the clear blue waters of Negril, Jamaica. How could I not say yes?!

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Special Thanks

J. Quazi King
 | Photographer