Fallon and Logan

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How We Met

I met Logan once through a mutual friend for the first time when we were both in junior high. I didn’t think much of our meeting, but little did I know that I had made such a strong impression on him. Then, fast forward to college at Texas A&M University.. that’s where all the magic happened for us. Logan reached out to me and invited me to come over and hang out one day. I was hesitant because I thought “What on earth could this handsome, charming college baseball player want from me? Why is he pursuing me?” But one evening I decided to stop by Logans house before going out with a group of my friends..my visit to Logan wasn’t something that I could end just after just popping-by and saying “hello” to each other. The next thing I knew it was 4 a.m. and we hadn’t stopped for a breath once! I’m normally extremely shy until I get to know someone, but with Logan it was different and effortless. Logan has made me feel loved and secure since the day we first hung out in College Station, Texas. He makes everything feel right. Logan and I have talked every day since, and I have been his biggest cheerleader and fan to his life and his now professional baseball career. Logan and I have a unique relationship due to his baseball schedule. Now that Logan has been drafted by the Seattle Mariners, he is gone 8 months of each year. I know for many people, they would not want to be away from their best friend or love for 8 long months of each year, but he makes it worth it..we are worth it. I have been to 10 states to watch Logan play baseball since we have started dating, and to this day my favorite feeling is seeing him chase his dreams. I am so proud of him and his desire to continue in his professional baseball career. It really is true that “distance means nothing when someone means everything.”

Logan and I dated for 2 years 8 months before getting engaged. We have currently been engaged 8 months and will get married in exactly 1 year!

how they asked

February 18, 2017 was a perfect day. Nothing out of the ordinary, all of my family and Logans parents were together at my grandparents farm. It was one last get together before Logan left again for another long baseball season. Something important to my story is to know that I lost my Papa two months prior to this day. He was so dear to my heart. I grew up spending countless hours with him at his 100+ acre, beautiful property in Joaquin, Texas. This East Texas town was home to me and it truly shook my world when Alzheimer’s took him away from us the prior December. To say the least, Papa’s beautiful farm is the most special place to me and that’s why I was always thrilled to be there.

I do photography as a side job and wanted to take family photos of Logan & his parents at the most beautiful place in Texas. His mom asked that I also be in some photos with them, and I gladly agreed! I got dressed, put on makeup & did my hair. We walked outside to walk to the tree line by my Papa’s pond and Logan said “Let’s just take pictures of me and you first” to which I was happy about! My brother & his girlfriend followed us with my camera and we all walked down to the waters edge. As we walked to where Logan had chosen to take photos. Logan told me how much he loved me, which I thought was sweet and I simply responded with “I love you too”. But..that’s when it all happened. I saw Logan lean down to fix his jeans, but he really was pulling the most gorgeous ring from inside his boot. I said “Uhh..what are you doing!?” Then he did it.

I was so shocked that I simply froze. Logan asked “Will you marry me?” and I was still so in shock that I said “….uh-huh!….y-y-yes.” And just like that, I knew I would spend forever with my best friend. I had never been so happy in my entire life!

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From the porch of my grandparents home, all of our family began to cheer. They quickly sprinted down and hugged us with happy tears. I was so shocked that I didn’t start crying until I saw my daddy. It hit me that even my dad loves Logan as much as I do, and that is such a beautiful thing because my daddy wants me to spend forever with Logan too. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, or a better place to be asked the most important question of my life. All of my family was there and I could feel my Papa’s presence by being at his beautiful home. It truly couldn’t have been any more special.

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