Fallon and Jeremy

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How We Met

I met Jeremy my junior year in Princeton University at our eating club, Cap and Gown Club. It was during our “bicker” process which is much like rush. The day had been wrapping up and I was at the top of the stairs when Jeremy came running up and smiled at me. He said “Hey – I was hoping to play your game”. I smiled back and noticed his dazzling eyes and I said “Sorry, we’re done for today. I’m Fallon, you can find me tomorrow”. He said “I’m Jeremy… and I will!” I remember that moment so perfectly. Jeremy ended up getting accepted into the club and we spent the rest of that school year getting to know each other, laughing and dancing together. That was over six years ago.

how they asked

As part of our New Year’s resolution, Jeremy and I decided to run our very first half marathon. I am not a runner so it was going to be a tall order for me but I was excited. We found one in Fredericksburg (wine country in Texas!) so it seemed absolutely perfect. We decided to make it a romantic weekend and plan to go wine tasting and stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast. The race took place in the morning and I was so happy when we both made it past the finish line! Later in the day, we decided to head out to a few wineries and do tastings. We arrived at William Chris winery and immediately were swept into the tasting room. After that, we decided to grab an additional glass of wine and order a cheese plate and sit outside in the picnic area. It was a gorgeous day! Suddenly, Jeremy proposed that we walk along the vineyard. He asked me how I was feeling and I said “Wonderful!” after all I was still on an adrenaline rush from the race. And when I turned to him he was down on one knee and he said “Fallon Efua Kosoa Atta-Mensah, I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. Will you marry me?” I immediately yelled “Yes!” and I was overcome with such emotion.

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This wonderful man had made this day so beautiful for us. And to top it off, there was a photographer hiding behind some trees capturing every minute! Jeremy also revealed that he had talked to my boss a few weeks before and we weren’t actually leaving on Sunday like I thought. We were going to be staying in Fredericksburg until Monday. It was such a relaxing weekend. When we made it back to Houston, I found out that Jeremy had also organized a surprise engagement party with 30 of our friends at my favorite wine bar! This was a spectacular ending to a wonderful weekend!

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Special Thanks

McKenzie Baird
 | Photographer