8 Amazing Fall Proposals

Fall is the perfect season for a proposal. The crisp autumn air, the abundance of outdoor activities, and the opportunity to take out the cozy sweaters you’ve been dying to wear all summer. From apple orchards, to pumpkin patches, haunted hayrides, Halloween parties and more, fall presents a wide variety of proposal possibilities, including a few of our favorites below!

Christie and Libet

“Eventually he slowed down and stopped, saying ‘What about this one?”’ when I finally caught up. Inside a heart shaped of pumpkins sat a huge pumpkin decorated with ‘Will you marry me?’ on it. Libet got down on one knee and pulled out the ring while I cried in total shock.” FULL STORY.


Susie and Brittany

“I told her all of the reasons why I love her and of course, asked her to marry me. Given my nerves, I forgot to take the ring out and after she said yes, she said well can I see it?!” FULL STORY.


Mariah and Devin

“I just kept leading her down the stairs to the base landing. There I had created not only the perfect proposal but HER perfect proposal. I brought her fall, in July.” FULL STORY.


Gabby and Josh

“He told me to look up at a big apple in the tree. ‘Look at that apple!’ (We always try to get the biggest apples that no one can reach) I looked up and all I saw was “Marry Me?” written on the apple that he pointed at. I immediately turned around and Josh was down on one knee! The next day, we went “under contract” on the house we looked at the night before. It was truly magical!” FULL STORY.


Shelby and Jonas

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“Jonas was determined to find the best pumpkin in the patch so that is where we went first. I was focused on finding the largest pumpkin in the patch. As I was picking up my pumpkin I turned around to find Jonas on one knee with the smallest pumpkin but the biggest surprise on top…” FULL STORY.


Jeanette and Chris

“When I set the camera up, he suggested we take a photo of us instead of a yoga photo which was a little odd. So, I set up the camera to take our photo on repeat and all of a sudden he was down on one knee. Just the two of us, out in nature.” FULL STORY.


Jenny and Mike

“I was posing for a picture when I noticed my love got down on one knee out of the corner of my eye. In complete shock, I noticed the ring and the rest is history!” FULL STORY.


Erin and David

“After a day with family at my parents’ cabin, he took me to the back steps of the property that was glowing with solar lights, got down on one knee and asked to keep me forever.” FULL STORY.