Fake Wedding Turns into Incredible Marriage Proposal

Fake Wedding ProposalHow we met: I was celebrating my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas with 3 of my closest colleges and friends. This was our second night in Vegas and we decided to go on a last minute whim to a night club called “Blush” inside the Wynn Resort and Hotel. After a full day of partying… that was the only night I wanted to be coherent because we still had 4 more days in Las Vegas. So I wanted to just relax… well that did not last very long. Our cocktail waitress “my fiancé” was our server and she immediately caught my attention. Some may say “it was love at first sight” but I felt something different. I felt connected as if we were somehow friends. This could also be the great training that Wynn did for all of their staff.

The challenge was on. How can I get her number if she gets hit on ALL THE TIME!? Why did I feel so connected to her? It was a funny feeling but I genuinely was myself. The best part was that my friends even gave me a challenge. “She’s not interested” “She has a boyfriend” “She gets hit on all the time, why would she say yes to you!” “She is a lesbian” With all the challenges thrown at me… I just said to myself. Heck, if you get denied… it happened in Vegas and will stay in Vegas. Well as you may see by now… I went against the grain and now I may have reinvented that saying. “Whatever happens in Vegas… COMES TO JERSEY!”

As I mentioned, I was genuine… I did not ask her “You want to hang out after work.” I simply mentioned “Me and my boys are here all week. We want to be off the Vegas Strip and do local things. Can you and your friends show us around… NOT TONIGHT… maybe in a few days?”

Well I guess that worked. We hung out in a day or two at some local bar. Well that was enough… I knew I was connected. Long story short. I went back to Vegas 3 weeks later.. then I found myself going there every month for 1 year. I love my Frequent Flyer Miles!

how they asked: Every proposal detail is explained in this video and on Jack’s blog

Credits: Planning by Planner Kandy Cardoso of LJDJS Event Planning and Event Design // Video by MPW Media Group // Percussionist: Crystal Vargas  // Violinist: Nicole Scorsone // Photography by LJDJS // Venue: Fiesta