Destiny and Dylan | Fake Pullover Proposal

Fake Pullover ProposalHow we met: Dylan and I met as Freshmen at Fitchburg State University. We met during the first few weeks of school since my suite mates where the only two people he knew on campus.

Things didn’t go further from there until our first finals week on campus.

Being freshmen, we weren’t aware of the rules about studying in the library during finals time. Basically, you had to set up a camp site for the week or you didn’t have a place to study.

So, when we left the library to study in the lobby, Dylan happened to find us there.

We spent the entire night trying to concentrate on studying, but instead being so interested in each other’s company. We haven’t been able to stop enjoying each other’s company since.

how they asked: May 17th, after graduating college in just four short years with a double major in education, I was
excited to celebrate with my family at lunch.

ring4While driving there, I got pulled over by a police officer
for god knows what reason. After handing over my license and registration, I was asked to step out of the vehicle.

Having no idea what was going on, I stepped out of the car shaking and almost in tears, and saw the most handsome second lieutenant , and my best friend for the past four years, down on one knee. The whole thing was planned for months as a part of operation “Shiny Rock”.

Dylan asked if I would marry him, I could not have been more surprised and excited. And I SAID YES!

Fake Pullover Proposal