Tegan and Reise's Fake Photo Shoot Proposal

How We Met: Reise and I met our Senior year of high school through a local youth group event. We were both there to meet new “friends” (AKA potential dating material) through my best friend, Sabrina. Reise instantly had my attention because he was incredibly sweet, passionate about Jesus, and tall and handsome. On the ride home from this get together, Sabrina encouraged me to add him as a friend on Facebook and so I did.

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After this, Reise and I spent hours chatting through Facebook instant messenger playing a game called “5 things” in which we shared 5 random facts about ourselves with the other person for a period of about a month. The fifth thing on Reise’s list one day essentially said that he wanted to date me and ask me out. Naturally I flipped out and was so excited, as this was my first boyfriend (and I was Reise’s first girlfriend) and couldn’t be happier it was Reise.

how they asked: My best friend Sabrina is a wedding photographer and invited me to assist her with an engagement shoot in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Reise and I had been talking about engagement for awhile, so when she mentioned this, I did have a part of me that hoped it was a ploy and my own engagement was going to be that day. Reise and Sabrina constantly told me this was not the case, yet part of me was holding on that the couple was going to be a “fake one”. However, when we showed up to the shoot and there was a “real” couple to photograph, I was disappointed and realized it was not going to happen today as I originally thought.

Fake Photo Shoot Proposal-0001

Near the end of the engagement shoot, Sabrina suggested to the future bride and groom that we should relocate to by the lighthouse to finish off the shoot. Sabrina was all flustered because we were losing daylight and yet she wanted to make her bride happy. When we got to the lighthouse, Sabrina asked me to be her light tester, which I have done countless times before. I stood in front of the lighthouse, as she adjusted her camera settings to prepare for the couple. Sabrina says to me, “Tegan, why do you look so angry?” and I responded “It doesn’t matter, you throw these light test shots away” in a sassy voice.

Little did I know that Reise had been hiding behind the light house and was currently walking towards me in this moment. Sabrina says “Tegan, I have something for you” and in that moment I knew what was happening. She hands me this beautiful letter written by Reise sharing his heart about us waiting patiently on the Lord to lead us to this day and telling me how beautiful and lovely I am.

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Next thing I know, he is standing right beside me after walking from behind the lighthouse and hugging me. I was in utter shock, I could not finish reading the letter. I said to Reise, “Honey, I haven’t even finished reading!”

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He gave me a moment to finish reading, which did not even happen because I was too excited and then he got down on one knee. He said, “Tegan, will you marry me?” and of course I said yes!

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To top it all off, one of the most special moments in my life was also captured by my best friend, the photographer. The engaged coupled we were shooting earlier were still there after the proposal (Sabrina had filled them in on the master plan all along) and wished us congratulations before heading off. To finish our proposal night off, Reise took me out to a very special dinner to celebrate the best night of our lives.

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Photos by Sabrina Nohling Photography