Faith and Zachary

How We Met

Zach and I met our first year of medical school. We quickly became friends throughout the year. We went on a medical mission trip together at the end of our first year. This is when I really started to develop a crush on Zach. Seeing his kindness and gentleness towards the people there just melted my heart. We worked hard and then had fun just playing games and hanging out in the evening. I really had only got to know the tougher Zach who liked sports and wanted to do emergency medicine. This trip showed me a whole new side of him. He liked to read and sing Disney songs with me. The way he talked about his family and the kind of family he wanted one day did nothing but make me want to be with someone like him. Throughout the next semester we both got closer and he was always such a gentleman to me. It was very refreshing. One night I was hanging out at his house with some friends and listening to some old music when he started dancing with me. I was very surprised when he kissed me to say the least! We have been inseparable since! We have so much fun together. We love to travel and try new things. We love to sing Backstreet Boys in the car! He shares my passion of volunteering and helping those in need. We support and encourage each other as we finish up school and I know my life with him will be more than I could have ever asked for!

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how they asked

Zach and I are both in our third year of medical school and finding time for ourselves can get difficult at times. However, Zach had planned far in advance a weekend when we would both be free and told me to pack a bag and that we were going on a weekend trip. I of course had to over pack since I had no idea where we were going or what we would be doing but we finally hit the road. We arrived in Savannah, Georgia one of my favorite places in the whole world. We had stopped in Savannah the year before on one of our first trips together and I fell in love with the charming little city. So of course I was excited when we arrived. The next day was perfect. We visited the park and went shopping and he spoiled me with a massage. I still wasn’t expecting anything considering he always spoils me! That night we were on our way to dinner when he stopped in front of a horse and carriage that was waiting for us! We took a tour around the city and we stopped in Whitefield Square after the tour guide told us an old love story where they say if you kiss under the gazebo you will be together forever. We got out to go to the gazebo and I noticed we were the only people in the square (he had the police clear the square out!) That’s when Zach began telling me how much he loved me and all these amazing things and got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM! I of course said YES! There were presents and roses waiting for me b ack on the carriage and we were dropped off at my favorite restaurant The Old Pink House where we had a private table set up in the old bank vault that was just breath taking. It was the perfect night with the perfect guy.

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