Faith and Ryan

how we met

We actually started talking on Facebook. We didn’t know each other prior to that, but on our first date we found out we had a ton of mutual friends growing up!

how they asked

It was on Christmas Eve. We were 2 days away from flying to Jersey City to visit Ryan’s brothers (which was so exciting because I had never been out of the South). He knew that I had been hoping for a proposal, but said that he was just planning on getting me a promise ring for Christmas. I was in the bathroom brushing my hair, and he gets home and goes, “do you want your gift?” .. and I’m like, well of course! So he goes down to the car, runs back up the stairs and taps me on the shoulder – keep in mind we’re still in the bathroom – and he opens the box and asks me to marry him! I was so shocked and so ecstatic! Later he told me he planned to propose in New York City, but he was so excited he couldn’t wait, and I’m actually happy he asked the way he did – it makes me laugh and it’s totally us!

Special Thanks