Faith and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I first met in 2010 in our junior year at the University of Florida. We were at a mutual friend’s party and my best friend (and maid of honor) introduced us. She described him as a smart and funny guy she had went to high school with. We spent most of the party talking together and Matt “friend requested” me on Facebook that night (In these pre-Tinder days, that was his idea of game!). Luckily for us, it worked! We Facebook chatted the next weekend and made plans to get together again!

He truly was (and still is) the funniest, smartest, and kindest guy I have ever met in my life.

how they asked

In May 2017, Matt and I went on a 2-week vacation to Greece and Spain. On our second night in Santorini, we had planned to go to Oia, which is famous for its beautiful sunsets. What I didn’t know was that Matt had a special night planned for us. He had carried the ring in his bag throughout the trip and now had it in his jacket pocket as we drove our ATV to dinner (yes, that kind of ATV…no ubers on the island!). We had a reservation at one of the nicest restaurants on the water in Santorini and the restaurant staff was aware that he was going to propose.

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Before dinner, we watched the sunset while eating grapes and cheese, and sipping champagne. We then arrived at the restaurant where there was a special table reserved for us by the water. When I went to the restroom, the waiters came running over to Matt asking what the plan was.

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When I got back to the table Matt asked the waiter to take a picture of us sitting at our table. He then said “Let’s take one standing up!” Thinking about what would make a cute Instagram post, I responded, “Sure! Should we hold our wine glasses??” Realizing he would need both of his hands, he quickly responded “No, I don’t think so.”

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The rest is a blur for both of us but the next thing I knew, Matt was on one knee asking me to marry him. The whole restaurant cheered, as I said “Yes!” and Matt put the ring on my finger. I spent the rest of dinner crying of happiness as we enjoyed an enormous plate of Santorini’s famous lobster spaghetti and another bottle of champagne. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more romantic and beautiful place for him to ask for my hand in marriage. It was nothing short of a perfect night. We spent the next week and a half travelling together through Greece and Spain reminiscing about the night of our proposal and looking forward to our future together. It was truly a night and a vacation we’ll never forget.

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