Faith and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I went to the same high school together and we really started to get to know each other during track season of his senior year and my sophomore year. It was little chats here and there, but I had always had a huge crush on him and strangely, I had always had a love for him. I loved the way he carried himself, the way he was nice to everyone no matter who you were as a person, and I loved how quiet and sweet he was and still is. As the school year winded down, we still weren’t dating or even “talking” yet.

So, when the last day for the seniors came and it was the same day for yearbook signings, all I cared about was Matt signing my yearbook. I kept looking for him through the crowd but couldn’t find him. We got a 10 minute warning before we all had to go back to class and I started to get discouraged and thought maybe it wasn’t meant to be. THEN, 5 minutes before we had to go back to class, Matt walks through the doors. I walked straight to him and asked if he could sign my yearbook! I wanted to sign his too because I wanted to shoot my shot in my message.

Now it was time to go back to class and I ended up taking his yearbook with me because I told him I wanted to sign it and he said I could leave it in his locker after school. When I got back to class, I opened my yearbook and there he wrote, “You’re so stinkin’ cute! If you’re ever feeling gutsy, you should snap chat me sometime!” (He lost his phone the week before so the only way he could communicate was through Snapchat on his iPad lol). I DIED!!!!! I ripped open his yearbook and went on and on about how amazing he was and that I thought he was so cute! And the rest was history from then on. We started dating May 23rd, 2014 and it will always be my favorite day!

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how they asked

So, on June 9th, 2018 my friend, Bailey, who recently got engaged asked me if I wanted to go wedding shopping with her. Bailey asked if I would dress nicely in case we went into any bridal dress shops. All day we went around and looked for things she could use as centerpieces and things she could draw inspiration from.

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Bailey said she needed to go to Perkins (which is the town where we all went to high school) because she needed to go meet her friend at the high school football field to ask her to be a bridesmaid. As we are walking up the steps, I saw Matt standing on the field in front of a beautiful pink backdrop. I LOST IT!!!!

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As I was walking out there to meet him, I saw a tripod holding up a book of some sort. At first, I thought he was going to sing me a song hahaha! But when I got to him, he turned me towards the book which was my sophomore year yearbook.

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He opened to the page that had his message on it and said, “This is what started the first chapter of our lives.” and then he turned the page and in the same spot on the back he wrote, “Will You Marry Me? -Matty” and said, “And I want this to start the next chapter of our lives.”. He then pulled me to the center of the backdrop, got down on one knee and asked me the easiest question I have ever had to answer. After many hugs and kisses, our families were sitting in the stands and they came down to congratulate us. It was the BEST DAY EVER!!!!! :)

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Special Thanks

Sierra Winters
 | Photographer