Faith and Luke

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How We Met

Luke and I have been best friends for years and he is the sweetest and most incredible human on the planet. He intentionally loves me and together we make an amazing team (If I do say so myself). Even before we started “officially” dating I remember hearing him talk about how he has known how he wanted to propose since he was young.

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He is a hopeless romantic and when he decides to make something special it becomes one of the most magical and beautiful times of my life. I remember one night staring at this human who had become my very best friend and thinking “I don’t want to spend my life with anyone else but him.” As we went our relationship progressed we decided we wanted to get married in December of 2020 and Luke promised me his proposal would happen at least six months before to guarantee me some time to plan.

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How They Asked

As June neared I knew that the proposal was getting closer and we had plans to join Luke’s family on their annual trip to their lake house in Texas. I had my suspicions that the proposal would happen during our time at the lake as it’s Luke’s most favorite place in the world since he was a kid, he took me to get my nails done the week before we left (he made this a little less suspect by making a bet with me six weeks before that if I stopped biting my nails he’d take me to get them done), we would be surrounded with love from his family, and he told me to bring a cute sundress as we would go out to dinner one night while we were there. As we left for Texas my hopes were set high that I’d come home an engaged woman.. however those hopes were destroyed just before we left for our dinner date on our second night there.

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Luke and I were laying out on the hammock by the water and he made a comment to be along the lines of “I want you to know I planned to propose this week but my plans got ruined so I didn’t even bring the ring. I’ll explain everything at dinner.” My heart hit the floor and I tried my very best to not let the disappointment get the best of me. I shared with him that I had thought it may happen in Texas this week and asked why his plans got ruined but he told me again “I’ll explain everything at dinner.” As I got ready for dinner the hopeful part of my heart kept trying to get the best of me and I was like well. maybe he was trying to throw me off and it’ll happen at dinner tonight.

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We went to this awesome little Italian restaurant and ordered the food and then all my hopes for a proposal during our time in Texas were squished as Luke shared with me why his plans were ruined. Luke shared with me as tears were in his eyes that his original dream and plan had been to propose to me where his grandfather had proposed to his grandmother decades before and that she would beforehand go around the town with me sharing different memories and moments. However, his grandmother was moved from Texas to Illinois a month before our trip due to severe memory loss and health issues and there was no way for him to pull off the plan without her.

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My heart felt so heavy for him as he shared with me his original plan but also so sad that I had let myself get my hopes up that it would not be happening during our trip. He apologized that his plan got ruined and I needed to wait longer but promised he would figure something out and it would happen during some point in the next month. My heart was so disappointed and sad and at that moment any idea in my mind of a proposal during our trip was diminished. As we went through our date Luke kept stalling and doing random things but nothing really struck me as odd.

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I had absolutely no idea that he was trying to keep us out of the house until after the sunset and I had no idea what awaited me back at the lake house. As we returned back to the house I was just hanging out and talking to his brother’s and just taking some time to relax. However, Luke kept suggesting all these ideas to get us outside and I was quite honestly getting a little annoyed as I was enjoying my conversation with his brother’s! At one point I mentioned something about going to change out of my dress and Luke came up with some quick excuse to get me outside before changing into sweats. When we walked outside we headed towards the dock to “feel the water” to see if we wanted to go for a little night swim.. or so I thought.

As we walked down the pavement toward the dock all of the sudden twinkle lights lit up the trees, the dock, and a beautiful arch was sitting in the center of the dock covered with lights. Still, it didn’t hit me what was going on until I saw the flash of a camera and he took my hand and led me up the dock covered with flower petals and I heard his sister from across the yard playing her guitar and singing our song. I was in utter shock and disbelief. The yard looked like Disney World. Luke led me onto the dock and held me close.

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He apologized for lying to me all day while trying to contain the surprise, told me how much he loved me, and as the stars shined brightly above us the love of my life got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was SHOCKED. I breathlessly said, “YES YES YES” and as he slipped my beautiful ring on my finger and kissed me slow fireworks started shooting above our heads. It was magical. The next hour was full of champagne toasts from his family, looking at my ring in disbelief, and staring at this boy who managed to surprise me with the most magical night of my life. He is my bestfriend and my favorite adventure and I cannot wait to marry him.

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