Faith and Justin

How We Met

We met at TCU in Fort Worth, TX, but the funny thing is that we can’t pinpoint the exact time that we met. Between church and extracurricular, we ran in the same circles, but we didn’t really get to know each other until sophomore year when we both served on the leadership board for a Christian retreat at TCU. After that, we had both developed an affinity for one another, but neither of us did anything about it.

Right before the senior year began, due to a twitter conversation about tacos and pizza, we made plans to go to Melis Taqueria on a Saturday night, but just as friends. The night led to us going out to drinks and dancing with some friends and getting to spend more time together. The feelings grew stronger, but they were still unspoken, so over the next couple of weeks we just spent time as friends — group hangouts, texts and tweets, and saying hello around campus.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Fort Worth, TX

Faith and Justin's Engagement in Fort Worth, TX

Around this time, Justin had been looking for someone to attend a Leon Bridges concert with him. He had an extra ticket and had tweeted out to see if anyone else liked his music. Of course, I responded, but that was it. I was so hoping that he would ask me to go with him, but I played it cool. However, on Saturday night, the night before the concert, he texted me and asked me to go with him to the concert, and I was so excited. Sunday rolled around, and Justin picked me up and we headed to Dallas for the concert. We had the best time, but I think we both wondering, “is this a date?” He paid, he drove, and we even got dessert afterward (he paid), but still, neither of us had verbalized our major crushes on one another. It was definitely the elephant in the room.

Where to Propose in Fort Worth, TX

Thankfully, a week later, on September 25, 2016, Justin knocked on my door at 10 pm to let me know that he was interested in dating me and pursuing me, and I played it cool, but on the inside, I was saying THANK YOU JESUS! We started dating and the rest is history!

Faith's Proposal in Fort Worth, TX

How They Asked

I am a firm believer that Justin proposed to me in the best way possible, but maybe I’m biased. Nothing tops the moment when he asked me to be his wife. At that moment we were both overwhelmed with love.

Justin and I had been talking about marriage and a future together, so I had a general idea of the season in which he was going to propose. He still managed to completely surprise me though. About a week before February 8th, Justin asked me if I wanted to attend his friend’s theater soft opening in Fort Worth. We’ve been excited for the opening of this theater, so of course, I said yes. A couple of days later, he suggested that we grab tacos at my favorite place before the opening — a question to which I also answered a BIG yes!

As the days grew closer for our little date to Fort Worth (which also happens to be our college town and the town where we met), I got a little suspicious… I wasn’t seeing any social media promotion of the theater opening, and I found it funny that we were hitting up my favorite taco place, but I eventually shrugged it off. On the day of our date, I met up with a friend who was in town for work and to catch up, we had a girls day got our nails done. How perfect?! And it was my idea only because I could finally afford to get my nails done given it was payday. Anyway, as time grew closer for Justin to pick me up, I got nervous again. In my nervousness, I called my mom, my sister, and my two best friends who live in NYC to ask them what I should wear on this date “just in case.” They all advised me to just dress cute on every date from now on, and so that’s what I planned to do. I got all dolled up, and when Justin showed up at my door, he was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt. Needless to say, I was a little let down, and I let Justing know why, and he assured me that we were gonna have a great time regardless.

After munching on some tacos, we headed over to the house where the theater opening was to be held. As we walked up to the house there was a welcome sign for the theatre and everything. I had no clue. It wasn’t until I walked into the house and saw pictures of us everywhere that I knew what was happening.

The house was decorated with tons of candles and lights and our song was playing, it was all so perfect (Justin even put on a sweater which was much nicer than the T-shirt he was wearing before). As we walked throughout the house, I began to realize that it wasn’t just a house, but he had created a museum! Since we have friends all over the world, he had reached out and asked them to create art about us and our love in any medium. Everything from paintings, recorded songs, ceramics, and even a 3D printing. We stopped and I cried at every single one, as it was so special to have all of our loved ones play a role in this special moment.

Even my six and three-year-old nephews made a collage with their tiny handprints on them (this one especially broke me down). We spent nearly an hour walking through and taking them all in. In the last room of our pseudo-tour, he had a wall of all our pictures and keepsakes, and on the opposite wall was a self-taped video he had made of the day he drove to Memphis to ask for my Dad’s blessing. The video also featured the moments when Justin told my siblings that he was planning to propose. After weeping through that, I was led over to a little table where Justin handed me a letter to read and then read scripture over us (Romans 9:12-21). Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I said “yes, of course,” and now we are happily engaged and so excited about spending the rest of our lives together.

Just a couple of hours later, we walked into a surprise party with all of our family and friends. Getting to share and celebrate this moment with them was just the cherry on top of a perfect night. Justin loves me so well, and I am honored to be his wife (to be).

Special Thanks

Evan Michael Woods
 | Photographer