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December 28,2016 Dane & I were boarding a plane to Disney World. The trip was my Christmas & birthday gift. We spent a couple days enjoying the different parks. On the 31st we had planned to relax and spend the night in Magic Kingdom enjoying the fireworks for New Years. That evening we headed over to Magic Kingdom to learn that the park was at maximum capacity. Meaning they were not letting anyone in. We were both devastated. We went to Epcot and stood by the monorail just praying for a miracle. The staff was pretty certain the park would stay at capacity. Dane slipped away and I saw him talking to a staff member of Disney. He walked back with a smile on his face and informed me that he had offered the worker $50 to tell him how we could get in. The staff member didn’t take the money but did tell him a little trick to get us in. Well the trick worked to our surprise. We were then on the monorail headed to Magic Kingdom. We stepped out and prayed all the way to the park entrance that we could get in.

5 minutes later we were standing inside Magic Kingdom holding hands, smiling ear to ear as snow fell down on us. Dane held my hand and took me to the once upon a time show at the castle. It was so beautiful. We then rode some rides and enjoyed the night together until the New year show. It was 11:30 and we began trying to make our way to the front of the castle. Staff workers had blocked all ways to the front of the castle. We were on the side of the castle and Dane was doing all the could to get us the best view possible. We found a beautiful spot and waited for the countdown to begin. Fireworks were shooting in every direction! The sky was full of color and the love of my life was beside me holding my hand. Countdown started and we were standing in front of each other. Danes eyes were sparkling from all the fireworks around us. It was a new year and we got our New year kiss.

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We continued to watch the fireworks and when they stopped I turned to Dane to see him down on one knee. The crowd circled around us and it felt and sounded as if Dane and I were the only ones in the world. The moment I have waited for my whole life and the man I have prayed for my whole life was right in front of me. I still don’t remember what all he said, all I do know is that I said YES!! He picked me up and spun me around in circles just like he had one year before when we first met on New Years. A few staff members saw the proposal and took us to Cinderellas castle to get pictures and meet princesses. The whole night was an absolute fairy-tale and I finally have my Prince Charming I’ve been praying for my whole life.

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