Faith and Brandon

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How We Met

I had just begun working at the Chamber of Commerce planning and organizing member events and Brandon, who I had not yet met, was a volunteer. It was early in the morning and I had already been setting up for quite some time when this cute guy had walked in quickly introducing himself. We both went home to wait for the event to begin but what I didn’t know was that Brandon had secretly switched our seats to be beside each other to get the chance to spend more time with me. The event started and we chatted into the evening eventually ending up at an after party. The night was coming to an end and Brandon tried to quickly get my number by pretending that he wanted to show me a funny YouTube video but it wouldn’t load so he said he would send me a link.

I knew instantly what he was doing but wasn’t sure I wanted to give him my number so I gave him a fake number (I was 19) thinking that I would most likely not see him again. I was wrong….. We ran into each other many times after that where I proceeded to blow him off with telling him that I would add him to Facebook but wouldn’t and politely declining his many attempts to ask me out for sushi. After making him work extremely hard and realizing this guy wasn’t giving up I gave in and finally said yes. From that night I knew that Brandon would be the man that I married, I instantly fell in love with him and have been inseparable and have been for the last 6 years.

how they asked

Almost six years later I was beginning to wonder if Brandon was ever going to propose. Because it had been so long I really didn’t think much about this particular afternoon. As a sales person Brandon is continuously meeting with very cool businesses and is always given amazing opportunities. On the Monday night before he proposed Brandon had told me that he met with Sky helicopters and there was a good chance that one day we might be able to go for a quick helicopter ride. I thought would be fun but really didn’t think much of it. Thursday had come around and as I walked in the door Brandon has welcomed me with excitement saying that we had to leave right away because Sky had an opening for a ride! I was so excited and quickly changed out of my sweat pants (thank god!) Brandon seemed nervous but I figured that was normal for our first helicopter ride.

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There was photographer coming up with us and I was told that he was taking pictures for Tourism BC so again I didn’t think anything of it. It was an amazing ride with breathtaking views. We landed on one of the peaks and I walked around in amazement thankful for this opportunity we were given.

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The photographer was walking around taking photos and said that since we were there he may as well take some pics of us which I thought was really nice. So we setup and had a few pics taken when suddenly Brandon was down on one knee pulling out a ring box and asking me to marry him!

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I was so shocked and couldn’t believe that this was happening. We both blanked saying really not much of anything except YES, of course! He even made reservations for dinner and wine at my favorite restaurant to celebrate after!

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Later I had found out that Brandon had spent the last day practicing how to pull the ring out of his pocket getting down on one knee and what to say. This completely melted my heart that he planned this whole thing himself. (He is not a planner).

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My family laughed at me after watching the video because I asked if he planned this whole thing, I couldn’t believe that he did, I thought perhaps he took the opportunity of the amazing setting. For someone who is not a planner he did an amazing job and this is a memory that I will cherish forever!

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