Faith and Austin

Where to Propose in De Krijtberg, Amsterdam

how they asked

We were traveling out of the country together for the first time ever after being together for 7 years. Our trip took us through Paris, Amsterdam, and ended in Berlin, it was truly a trip of a lifetime. We started in Paris and had a lot of fun exploring the different iconic landmarks but as soon as we got into Amsterdam we knew it was special, it had a totally different vibe. We walked around the first day exploring and having fun, he says after how much we liked the first day he knew he would ask me the next day, he put the ring in his pocket and waited for the best opportunity. We had just explored the famous flower market and we were walking along the canals and he pointed out this beautiful church, the arch archive was what amazed us most in Amsterdam, he started saying we should find someone to take our picture but there was no one around at first and I was eager to continue exploring so we took a selfie and I turned to look at the building and then looked back at him.

Faith's Proposal in De Krijtberg, Amsterdam

He had the ring in his hand and never even asked. When I saw the ring I immediately said: “Are you serious?” He said yes. I saw “Are you sure?” He said yes. And I said “Really?” Once again he said yes. Finally, I said “Ok.” And he put the ring on. Later in the day we went back and had a passerby take our picture in front of the church.