Brandon and Lauren's Fairy Tale Proposal in Paris

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How We Met

I met Brandon on my very first night at UCLA. We became fast friends, but he always knew there was something more. He told his mom that he met “the one” that same year. Three years later, he finally made a move. I told my brother I would marry him before we ever even had our first kiss. Six years together and we fall more in love each day!

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how they asked

Brandon and I were dating for 5 years, when our careers took us to different cities – him to San Francisco and me to New York. We agreed on doing a year long distance and then making it work no matter who had to move. We knew we had found our forever, so weren’t in a rush to walk down the aisle. Brandon had mentioned that he wanted to wait until we were in the same city again to be engaged, so I wasn’t expecting anything soon.

Approximately 1 month until I was planning to move from New York to San Francisco, I was asked to go to Paris for a work trip. My career is for a French Luxury Fashion house, so trips to Paris in my office were common. Leading up to this work trip, I partnered with my boss and peers to put together a presentation and booked my travel arrangements through our work travel agency. This trip seemed very official. I was provided with a day-by-day agenda and outline of attendees, so I was driving people crazy to make sure I was over-prepared. I arrived in Paris and checked into my hotel to grab a nap before the first event – a welcome river boat cruise. It had been raining the past 2 days, but the clouds had parted and the sun was finally out, so I was excited to see the city from the water.

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I arrived at the location on the invitation – Point Alexander III Bridge on the Seine River. I was early, so I was patiently waiting until the group arrived. Then EVERYTHING changed.

I saw Brandon driving towards me in a wooden boat on the water. He was in a tuxedo with two dozen long stem white roses. His mom was next to me filming while Bruno Mars “Marry You” was blasting from speakers as he drove up. I was in shock. He pulled up, got down on one knee and proposed!

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He then said, “I brought a few friends to help us celebrate”. I turned around and he had flown out my mom and our two best friends (my maid of honor and his best man) from California. We spent the next hour driving on the river where I learned the entire work trip had been fabricated with the sole purpose of getting me to Paris where he could propose. He had coordinated everything so that I could have my fairy tale moment.

We spent the weekend in Paris with our parents and best friends celebrating our forever!

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