Fabiana and Daniel

Fabiana's Proposal in Longwood gardens

How They Asked

On December 8th in the state of Pennsylvania Dan took her girlfriend out for Christmas shopping. It was a very cold day, she didn’t want to get out of bed, he had to call her family and tell them he was planning on proposing so her family could call her and say something to get her out of the house. Once that happened they bought tickets to this beautiful place with gardens and Christmas lights.

After walking for a while they got to her favorite spot where he went down on his knee and ask her in Spanish ‘’ te quieres casar conmigo ‘’? She couldn’t believe it, she though he has kidding ( they talk about it for weeks before that ) but she never imagined he was going to do it that day. It was an amazing surprise and the most special moment of her life so far. She said yes and they love each other so so much. They can’t wait for a lifetime together.

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